Tuesday 24 April 2018

Fake tan tools: A tango free tan

Tan removal cloth by Tango
Tan removal cloth by Tango
He-shi Exfoliating Body wash

Sinead Van Kampen

Ruined sheets, awful streaks and mismatching legs and arms are just some of our fake tan disasters. The difference between getting it right and getting it wrong is all in the preparation. This week, we, at Independent Woman, have been scanning the beauty aisles in search of the best products to combat our most common fake tan mistakes.

Here's what we found:

He-shi Exfoliating Body wash

To get a streak free finish, having a smooth canvas is a must. He-Shi's Exfoliating Body Wash is loaded with AHA's and micro-dermabrasion crystals and works as a scrub which will smooth and rejuvenate even the roughest of skin. Perfect for use on the face as well as the body, this strawberry scented scrub leaves skin perfectly prepped and ready to be tanned.

Available from Harvey Nichols priced at €14.00

Optimiser body butter by St Tropez

Seasoned tanners seeking more than one application can keep skin conditioned between applications with a nourishing moisturiser like St Tropez's Tan Optimiser Body Butter. Specially designed to work with your tan, this rich balm is paraban free and loaded with skin softening ingredients like coco butter and natural oils which work to absorb quickly and minimise the risks of streaking.

Available from Brown Thomas priced at €17.25

Fake tan bag by Neola

Being hot to trot and good to glow is one thing, but having those bed sheets browner than the arms of a farmer at harvest time is quite another. Neola's Fake Tan Bag has been designed to protect the bedding as your tan develops overnight. Proving the maxim that the simplest ideas are often the best, the bag is 100% cotton, machine washable and skin friendly. If this weren't enough the roomy bag even includes a protective pouch for the plumpest of pillows. Simply climb in, zip up, and awake to crisp sheets and glowing skin!

Available from faketanbag.com priced at £25

Tan removal cloth by Tango

While some find applying the bronze a bit of a chore, taking it off can be an absolute nightmare. Thankfully Australian beauty brand Tango have come up with the Tan Go cloth - a washable flannel designed to remove even the toughest tans without the need for harsh scrubbing or the use of chemicals. Perfect for a full on tan detox as well as evening out the colour between applications, Tan Go works best when damp and is perfect for those the awkward bits like belly buttons and ankles.

Available from victoriahealth.com priced at £21.95

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