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Eye Spy some pretty palettes for Christmas season


Triona McCarthy has her eye on a sophisticated palette. Photo: Gerry mooney.

Triona McCarthy has her eye on a sophisticated palette. Photo: Gerry mooney.

Vice3 by Urban Decay

Vice3 by Urban Decay

Aurelia's Miracle Cleanser.

Aurelia's Miracle Cleanser.

Emily Ratajkowsk of Gone Girl and Triona's neighbour.

Emily Ratajkowsk of Gone Girl and Triona's neighbour.

Goody QuikStyle Brush

Goody QuikStyle Brush

Essence has a very pocket-friendly palette for only €8.99, at Penneys.

Essence has a very pocket-friendly palette for only €8.99, at Penneys.


Triona McCarthy has her eye on a sophisticated palette. Photo: Gerry mooney.

It's time to talk getting gorgeous on a budget, says our resident beauty guru, as well as speedifying our prettifying


All I want for Christmas is YOU! Just kidding Will, all I really want is one or all of the pretty palettes that are being rolled out by the beauty brands right now. They're limited editions, so it's best to buy sooner rather than later, and you need one now to get your party look on.

First up is the one I'm, em, smouldering into in my pic this week, above. It's the YSL Palette Collector Wild Edition, €85. This is super sophisticated, and perfect for party gals, as, with shades for eyes, cheeks and lips, it has everything you need once your foundation and mascara are done.

If the perfect eye palette is what's missing in your life, then you need Bobbi Brown's Warm Glow Eye Palette, €69. It features nine shades of soft nudes, gilded golds and deep browns, all beautifully packaged in a luxe, faux-leather wallet.

I first spotted the Vice3 Eyeshadow Palette,  €48, by Urban Decay, at House of Fraser in Dundrum when I was there fund-raising for NBCRI. It has 20 eye shadows, ranging from a soft black to a stunning burgundy. The extra-slim case features fab artwork and the huge mirror is so handy! The double-ended shadow-and-crease brush is all you need for application, while the brilliant bag it comes with is the perfect size for a mini iPad.

Finally, essence has a very pocket-friendly palette, for only €8.99, at Penneys and pharmacies nationwide. Featuring a blush, a highlighter, two lip glosses and a little brush and eight eye shadows, it would make a great Kris Kindle pressie.


It's thanks to my cute baby Maxim for this week's beauty tip! While I was painting my nails at the kitchen table last week, over he came to give me a hug and knocked the contents of the nail-polish bottle all over the wooden floor. So I threw the contents of the sugar bowl over the spill; the nail polish clumped up, for a much easier clean up.


Video of the Day

Actually, I have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of my life . . . if I die next Tuesday! Hahahaha!

Maybe I'll splurge on some new Aurelia Monday to Sunday Bamboo muslin cloths, €25, from Space NK. I love the set of seven antibacterial cloths - the clue is in the name, as there's one for every day of the week.They are so soft, rinse really well when you're taking your make-up off, and come out looking like they're brand new whenever I put them in the washing machine.

I need some new ones because I use them on my lil one-year-old baby, Maxim, in his bath as well. Although they're actually supposed to be used with the brand's gorgeous Miracle Cleanser, €45, which lifts off make-up and impurities, and stimulates the circulation while hydrating and soothing the skin.

It's the perfect cleansing routine for winter, as you're not stripping the skin. I find my skin reacts so well to a little bit of TLC - that's Triona's Loving Care!


Why is there always waaay too much month left at the end of the money?! With Kissmas and a new baba due in December, I'm watching my wallet, not my waistline. Although I still want to look good, just like my latest girl-crush Emily Ratajkowski,  star of Gone Girl and Robin Thicke's video for Blurred Lines, AND she's my neighbour at home in West Cork!

Akina Laser & Beauty Clinic in Dublin's Temple Bar has a great Party Package offer for €135 - it's normally, €197 - for use between December 1 and 31. It's perfect for party prepping, as you get an Oxycrystal Microdermabrasion, and a Minimi Inch Loss Wrap, followed by an eyebrow trim, tint and shape.

Akina Laser & Beauty Clinic, 1a Crow St, Temple Bar, D2, tel: (01) 670-8794, or see akina.ie


Trilogy, one of my fave skincare brands, has released its first fragrance, Jua, below right, which was developed with So They Can, an Australasian charity focusing on education and building the local economy in Africa.

Jua, which means 'sun' or 'sunshine' in Swahili, is the name given to the scent, as the main ingredient in the perfume is Tanzanian hand-pressed sunflower oil.

Instead of an alcohol base, which is what most perfumes have, sunflower oil is the main ingredient, and it works as a natural carrier and in harmony with all the other natural ingredients - such as vanilla, rose, freesia and bergamot - that scent this perfume.

It's a very feminine floral/woody mix, which I love for daytime, and the roll-on bottle, €15.95 for 7.5ml, is very travel-friendly.

I actually find it a very uplifting fragrance, especially when reading the packaging which explains the African philosophy of Ubuntu (which means that we are who we are because of our connection to others), and this is what makes us happy.


I have a need for speed when it comes to blow-drying my hair at home, as I have a one-year-old who likes to 'assist' me by pulling the plug out of the wall, or wrapping himself up in the cord!

So, when I was in Boots the other day and spotted the Goody QuikStyle Brush,  €16.29, I bought it straight away, once I noticed what it said on the front: "reduces water by 30pc to dry faster".

Basically, it's a towel and a brush in one. The super-absorbent microfibre bristles remove the excess water and a little vent in the brush helps with blow-drying. It's brilliant, and definitely helps me speedify when I have to prettify!

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