Thursday 22 February 2018

Extreme Beauty: The Lu'Lur princess ceremony

The Lu'Lur Body Ceremony is a traditional Javanese body ritual designed to soften and sweeten the skin.
The Lu'Lur Body Ceremony is a traditional Javanese body ritual designed to soften and sweeten the skin.

Sinead Van Kampen

In a desperate effort to mitigate the harsher effects of watching Ms Middleton walk away with the prize, we sampled a very regal beauty treatment. Independent Woman readers can also avail of a 15% discount.

What is it?

The Lu'Lur Body Ceremony is a traditional Javanese body ritual designed to soften and sweeten the skin. Originating from the royal palaces, the treatment was originally preformed in the 17th century as a fertility and bonding ritual for princess brides. Taking place over 40 days in the build up to a royal wedding, each day a family member would perform part of the ritual whilst taking the time to bestow upon the bride-to-be all the worldly knowledge a young girl could possibly need.

I'm all for pampering ... but 40 days ... in Java?

Thankfully I tried a shorter version available at Urban Day Spa in Ringsend. The treatment comprises of a milk bath, a Balinese body massage, a turmeric and spice exfoliation and a full body coconut wrap. At two and a half hours, it's still pretty long.

What's the procedure?

The treatment begins with a warm milk foot bath to soften and condition skin and is followed by an hour long Balinese massage which mainly concentrates on relieving tension in the back and legs. Skin is then sprinkled with turmeric, spices and dry oils which are massaged into the skin for a deep exfoliation. Once the exfoliation is completed and the residue showered away, skin is then coated with coco butter and wrapped in muslin. A head and foot massage is administrated whilst the moisturiser soaks deeply into the skin.

How does it feel?

Divine. The massage leaves you drowsy, the exfoliation leaves you invigorated and the body wrap is pampering personified.

And the small matter of fertility?

Fat chance. After my two and a half hours of being treated like a princess I wanted nothing more than to be wrapped in the comforts of a duvet and left to get on with a Sex In The City box-set. Sad but true!

The benefits - real or imagined?

Real. Knots are ironed, dry skin melts away and skin is left feeling softer than butter. This is decadent in every sense.

The downside?

Lasting just over two and a half hours this is not a treatment for those a short on time. On top of that there is the small matter of all those spices. As divine an aroma as they might give, the turmeric and coconut does leave you in dire need of a take-away afterwards.

Should you be unlucky enough to have to go back to work after the treatment, don't expect to do anything more productive than snooze at your desk for the remainder of the day.

Extreme rating?

On the surface this seems easy enough. You head along, relax, and then get pampered to within an inch of your being. Yet scratch under the surface and you'll find that being treated like a princess can leave you profoundly disorientated. This is because being treated like a princess works if you are in fact a princess, but for the rest of us returning home and demanding that lesser family members should henceforth bring rosewood bowls and bathe our feet, all you are likely to receive is some very worldly advice spiced with some regal language.

Where do I go?

The treatment is priced at €150 and is available from The Urban Day Spa, Ringsend, Dublin 4. Call 01- 6143434 to book.

Urban Day Spa would like to offer Independent Woman readers 15% off The Lu'Lur Princess Ceremony when they mention this feature until December 31.

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