Thursday 23 January 2020

Extreme Beauty: The caviar facial

The caviar facial
The caviar facial

Sinead Van Kampen

Each fortnight Extreme Beauty investigates what's new and cutting edge in the battle to remain young and beautiful. This week we sample the caviar facial.

What is it?

The caviar facial uses a mix of caviar, massage and marine extracts to gently exfoliate, cleanse and infuse the face with collagen enhancing nutrients.

Why use it?

Fresh caviar eggs are rich in peptides and essential amino acids that work wonders at regenerating mature and acne-prone skin. Whilst the ingredients may sound a bit fishy, the treatment is said to stimulate the cell metabolism and enrich the skin with many of the nutrients required to maintain young looking skin. Given it's a pretty natural product, it also sinks into the skin pretty well.

What's the procedure?

After being wrapped in a soft robe and given the comfiest of beds, skin is then cleansed and exfoliated. Once skin has calmed a little, the caviar eggs are wrapped in a gauze and gently applied to skin. The gauze keeps the eggs in place while the oils inside are squeezed onto the face and after a massage with oils which also contain caviar, a mask of marine extracts is applied to the face and work their way to the skin's deeper layers. Once the final mask has hardened, the mix is removed with warm towels and a hydrating cream is applied to the face.

How does it feel?

As there are so many elements to this facial, the overwhelming feeling is one of being indulged. The fish eggs are quite cooling and the marine mask has a strangely soothing sensation.

Oh that's so boring ..... doesn't it at least smell?

Sorry to disappoint you but actually no, this really doesn't smell. I know this is extreme beauty but the whole thing was quite unexpectedly non-niffy.

Who loves it?

Jason Biggs, Angelina Jolie and George Bush Sr are all said to be fans. The treatment is said to be popular with A-list celebrities due to the fact the exfoliation is gradual and doesn't leave the skin too raw or bruised afterwards. As the whole thing can be done before a big event - this is perfect for the red carpet.

The benefits ... real or imagined?

Not sure about George Bush but for me the benefits were real. Skin felt like velvet afterwards and was soft without the redness that normally follows from having a facial.

The downside?

Even if pushed, it would be hard to think of one. Far from being the rotten fish-fest I expected, the treatment was divine.

Extreme rating?

Even the Bolsheviks enjoyed caviar, so by that logic even the most dedicated class warrior couldn't be too upset with the luxury involved. The price for this is also quite reasonable, given the stages involved.

I'm hooked .... where do I go?

The treatment is priced at €80 and available at Urban Beauty, Rathmines. Call 01 497 8656 to book or go to the Urban Beauty website.

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