Saturday 21 April 2018

Extreme Beauty: The acid pedicure

Library image Photo: Getty Images
Library image Photo: Getty Images

Sinead Van Kampen

Each fortnight Extreme Beauty investigates what's new and cutting edge in the battle to remain young and beautiful. This week we jumped at the chance to have our neglected feet pampered with an acid pedicure, which you can enjoy with a 10% discount when you mention this article.

What is it?

A pedicure and then some. The acid pedicure uses a combination of lactic, citric and tartaric acid to break down the hard skin that causes calluses on the feet.

What's the procedure?

Feet are soaked in a foot basin before the skin is prepared with a gentle exfoliation. Thin strips of cotton soaked in acid solution are then applied to the rough bits and feet are given a cling film wrap to allow the acid solution to eat away at rough skin. Once rough skin has been suitably blasted and calluses calmed, the debris of dead skin is scraped away, a soothing foot mask is applied and feet are finished with a cuticle tidy and a file and paint.

Sounds scary ... is it painful?

Erm ... surprisingly .... no. Rather than boiling feet to bits, the acid is applied to the areas of the feet that need it most. In expert hands, the acid solution goes to work only where it's needed and from that the dead skin is simply sloughed away.

How does it feel?

Apart from a slight tickling sensation, you probably wouldn't know your feet were being slowly eaten by a chemical concoction powerful enough to dissolve the armour plating on a tank. The thought is a little disconcerting, but the treatment is painless.

Who likes it?

Apparently some of the world's most glamorous women use the treatment to keep feet dainty and soft, though in reality nobody actually admits to having tried it. I mean, who on earth is really going to admit to having tried this procedure!

The benefits .... real or imagined?

Real, calluses are removed and dead skin melts away. The results are pretty much instant and no matter how bad the build up - all that's left behind are delightfully dainty trotters.

Sounds great but it's not really the sort of thing you chat about over coffee is it?

No. You wouldn't. Watching the grey sludge of dead skin from the soles of my own feet being scraped away before my very eyes did put me off my lunch a little.

Extreme rating?

Having the skin on your feet stripped away by acid is pretty extreme in anyone's book and it's not exactly the sort of thing you would take away as a home kit either. On the other hand, it is effective and, for the most part, pain free.

I'm in ... where to now?

The treatment is available at Urban Beauty in Rathmines and is priced at €75. Call (0)1497 8656 to book.

Independent woman readers can enjoy 10% off until October 12th when they mention this feature.

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