Thursday 19 April 2018

Extreme Beauty - Snake venom facial

The snake venom facial synthesises venom to relax the facial muscles and increase the skins elasticity.
The snake venom facial synthesises venom to relax the facial muscles and increase the skins elasticity.

Sinead Van Kampen

Each fortnight Extreme Beauty investigates what's new and cutting edge in the battle to remain young and beautiful. This week we face-off with snake venom in our search for eternal youth and beauty.

What does it do?

The treatment was devised to copy the effects of hemotoxins found in the venom of the Malaysian Pit Viper, in other words, it relaxes the face. The venom is used on prey to slow it down, but in this case the venom was synthesised to relax the facial muscles and increase the skins elasticity. This allows a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and helps bond skin cells. A bit like Botox.

What's the procedure?

You lie down in a room with soft lights and a comfy bed. A shoulder and face massage is given and your face is cleansed and toned. A firming serum is then applied followed by a moisturiser containing the synthetic venom. Acupressure massage techniques are then applied to the face to relax pressure points and help the skin absorb the serum. Quite relaxing.

So are any real live snakes involved in this treatment?

No. The active ingredients in SYN-AKE simply mimic the effect of the venom. The treatment is not toxic and because of the solubility of the serum it is absorbed through the pores of the skin with no need for injections. Not a bite in site.

The benefits .... real or imagined?

Although the trial group was quite small, trials on the active ingredients of the treatment, SNY-AKE, suggest a contraction in the skin by as much as 30% and will help with skin degradation caused by internal and environmental factors. Whilst treatments like Botox seek to numb the face, SYN-AKE is used primarily as a muscle relaxant.

The downside?

If your dreams are vivid avoid this one. Two days before my visit I had dreams of snakes on planes, snakes in the loo and at one point a hairdresser with the head of a snake told me my skin looked 'fab' and then asked of me if I were planning to go on holiday.

Where do I go?

To the good people at Queen Beauty Emporium Dublin. Call 01 478 9633 to book or visit

Good for?

It works for laughter lines, sad frowns and reducing redness in the skin through decreasing the effects of aging and skin inflammation. When the serum is applied, you can feel the skin tightening.

Extreme rating?

Obviously the whole snakes on your face scenario is quite shocking, but the reality is really quite genteel. Leonard at Queen Salon was very charming and not in the slightest bit cold blooded.

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