Monday 22 January 2018

Extreme Beauty: Egyptian Magic

Library Image. Photo: Getty Images
Library Image. Photo: Getty Images

Sinead Van Kampen

Each fortnight Extreme Beauty investigates what's new and cutting edge in the battle to remain young-looking and beautiful. This week we sample the moisturising benefits of Egyptian Magic, a cream made from a recipe over two thousand years old.

What is it?

Egyptian Magic is a multi tasking skin balm said to have been used by none other than Queen Cleopatra. The replica of a recipe which dates back over 2500 years, it also boasts a completely natural formula.

Er ... please explain the magic element?

OK, so it's not actual magic as far as we can tell but with over 29 different uses we figured it was worth a try. As this is an all over cream the formula can be applied as a hair oil, burn salve, moisturising face cream and scar soother.

Is it actually made in Egypt?

Not as far as we can tell, but that's no reason to be so suspicious.

Of far more concern to us was the claim that Egyptian Magic is made with 'Divine love' and 'The guidance of our ancestors'. Judged against some of the usual claims made by those in the beauty industry, these two ingredients seem arcane to say the least.

Who likes it?

Cleopatra isn't the only queen rumoured to have slathered herself in the stuff. Queen of pop Madonna is said to trowel it on by the bucket load while actress Kate Hudson is said to have described it as something akin to her best kept beauty secret.

What does it feel like?

Well, once you get past the rather weird sales pitch it isn't so bad.

The formula does manage to protect skin for a long time, as well as being super moisturising. Although we can't speak for the benefits of Divine love, the combination of beeswax for healing, royal jelly for smooth skin and olive oil for sheen does seem to work quite well.

The benefits - real or imagined?

Mixed. If any of you remember coconut water then you will have realised already that this has celebrity fad written all over it. On the surface the claims are a little brash but after a rather liberal application pimples calmed and dry skin all but disappeared. Proof of the pudding as they say.

The downside?

The olive oil content makes Egyptian Magic quite greasy so probably best to leave this one as a night treatment. As good as it might be, it's doesn't really make for the best base for make-up.

Extreme rating?

Whilst embalming myself before bedtime might be a step too far for many, I'll stop at nothing if it means I can sip from the fountain of youth for even one day longer. On the one hand, the ancient Egyptians were a bit cruel, but on the other, you can't really fault them for realising the importance of good skin! Milk bath anyone ?

Who stocks it?

Egyptian Magic is priced at £32.99 and is available from

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