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Edel Coffey: Create a fragrance for life


If you want luxury products at a reasonable price, Rituals is the brand for you. Candles cost €15 (they recently came first in a magazine readers' poll, beating Diptyque), shower foams retail at less than €8 and a lipstick costs €14.

A trip to a Rituals shop is quite an experience. They offer shoppers a cup of tea and a hand massage. It's all aimed at encouraging what they call 'slow shopping' -- a check to bring us back to ourselves and away from the frenetic pace of modern life.

"It's about turning our routines into rituals again," says Rituals founder Raymond Cloosterman.

The body products are captivating, but it is the home products that I fell in love with. The chosen scents are subtle, not overwhelming, with the strongest options being jasmine or lavender. The gentle Green Tea or Spring Garden and the bestseller Fig are all scents I would happily have my entire home smelling of from morning until night.

The inspiration behind this idea of merging home and perfume was an idea to create 'your' scent, a signature scent that was not just restricted to your body.

Rituals, Arnotts, Dublin and 1 Victoria Square, Belfast or shop online at www.rituals.com


Under A Fig Tree candle (€14.90): This candle has 50 hours’ burning time and a scent of fresh fig and copaiba oil. In feng shui, candles allow optimal ‘chi’ flow and purify the air.

Tea With Love fragrance sticks (€22.90): These last for at least three months and are a stylish alternative to air fresheners. Taoists in ancient China believed scent had the power to free the soul and so used it in homes and temples.

Ice Shower Cooling Shower Gel (€7.50): This tingly shower gel is designed to cool you down after sports or hot weather. Inspired by the Chinese ritual of bathing in hot springs in snowy winter, it uses Chinese mint to give a cooling effect.

Emperor’s Dream Herbal Tea (€4.90 for 20 bags): This caffeine-free tea contains mint, fennel seed and purifying spirea. Enjoying the benefits of a cup of tea is a familiar relaxing ritual.

Hand Therapy Nourishing and Softening Handscrub (€10.90): Our hands can age up to five times faster than the rest of us (just ask Madonna). This scrub won a Prudence beauty award earlier in the year and it’s easy to see why. Put it on dry hands, rub it all over and then rinse to reveal soft skin.

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