Friday 22 November 2019

Diane Kruger needs Chanel approval for any style changes

Diane Kruger attends a photocall to promote the film 'Der Naechste, Bitte!' on January 31, 2013 in Berlin, Germany.

Diane Kruger's style statements have to be pre-approved by Chanel frontman Karl Lagerfeld, her hairstylist revealed.

Fashion hairdresser Adam Reed shared what goes on behind-the-scenes when it comes to perfecting Diane’s image.

The Chanel muse has to consult the design label's frontman Karl before she makes any alterations to her appearance, which makes his life more difficult.

"One thing you have to know about Diane is her very close relationship with Karl Lagerfeld. They are both German, both live in the same apartment building in Paris and Diane goes to all the Chanel shows," Adam explained to GraziaDaily.

"Once we cut up a Chanel dress and put the embellishment from the dress into Diane's hair - with Karl Lagerfeld's permission, I hasten to add!!"

Adam has worked as Diane's right-hand hair man for around seven years and particularly enjoys having the model-turned-actress as a client.

He gushed that Diane is not only a natural beauty with a nice manner, but she is open to trying new looks.

"Diane is always happy for me to experiment on her hair. Once I even put buttons in her hair - she's open to trying new things, she does trust me and nothing we've done has gone wrong yet… touch wood!" Adam continued.

"When you meet other celebrities, like, I do Agyness [Deyn] for example - she's got her look and sticks to it - whereas Diane will try anything - she loves to do something she's not done before… she's a real hair chameleon."

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