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Dannii Minogue’s secret to looking ‘airbrushed’


Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue


Dannii Minogue

The secret to Dannii Minogue’s "airbrushed" look has been revealed.

The Australian star is renowned for her glowing complexion and says that her perfectly applied base make-up is the result of some clever layering.

The beauty’s Australia-based make-up artist Fotini Hatzis has shared her secrets to creating a perfectly blended look.

“I always love to finish off with a mineral foundation, just on top of your liquid. It gives you that perfect airbrush finish,” she revealed in a video with mydaily.co.uk. “[Using a brush] I normally just tap out the excess, and then with my mineral foundation, I just buff into the skin, on top of what you’ve already for as a base.”

Dannii says layering the powder on top of your liquid base allows facial make-up to set better. The television star, who is on the judging panel for show Australia’s Got Talent, says the staying-power is perfect for long days in the studio.

“So we put on a really sheer liquid foundation and then a really sheer mineral powder. It seems to set and really last all day because we have long days shooting in the studio, maybe 11 hours,” she laughed.

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