Tuesday 12 December 2017

Dannii Minogue: How to get perfect eyebrows

Dannii Minogue emerged as a style queen. Photo: Getty Images
Dannii Minogue emerged as a style queen. Photo: Getty Images

Dannii Minogue has revealed her secrets to perfectly groomed brows.

The Australian TV star is famed for her naturally stunning looks, which she regularly credits her hair and make-up artist Fotini Hatzis for.

Dannii and Fotini recently posted a video blog to demonstrate how to achieve beautiful brows.

“I am obsessed with eyebrows,” Dannii quipped on mydaily.co.uk, before Fotini gave her top tips.

“Eyebrows frame the face. For me, that is what does make the eye. If you over-pluck, it can ruin the shape. Plucking is really important, so I highly recommend going to someone who is very good at it, otherwise even if you just slightly offset the eyebrows, it can throw the whole look,” she explained.

“I always fill in eyebrows – it’s an absolute must, especially if you have sparse ones. You just want that solid line. There’s some great eyebrow stuff out at the moment, in both powder and wax.

“I run across [the eyebrow] in little feathered brush strokes with the powder until you get a really nice shape. Fill in all the gaps which give you a strong line. Then with the wax you go over the top, and that seals it. That will last you all day.”

Although Fotini is an expert in the beauty field, Dannii apparently still has a lot to learn. The brunette beauty admitted to a blunder after her make-up artist’s demonstration.

“I think I’ve been doing it wrong. I’ve been putting on the wax first then the powder!” Dannii laughed.

“The angled brush – that bit I got right!”

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