Monday 16 December 2019

Cool Sculpting: Non surgical fat reduction

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Sinead Van Kampen

Each week, we, at Independent Woman, investigate what's new and cutting edge in the battle to remain young and beautiful. This week, in a bid to banish the muffin top, we went under the non-surgical knife with a trial of cool sculpting - a treatment which frazzles the fat by freezing it first.

What is it?

A non invasive fat reducing treatment designed to freeze stubborn pockets of fat so that it can be naturally flushed away from the body. Skin is sucked and frozen for an hour as a special machine gets to work. Results are visible from between two and four months after the initial treatment.

What's the process?

The treatment begins with a thin sheet of protective jelly being applied to the area which is to be sculpted. A nozzle is then placed on the treatment area which sucks in loose skin while the machine freezes it. After an hour or so of freezing the nozzle is removed and the journey to a newer, slimmer you begins.

eek ... sounds painful?

Not at first. There is a slight tightening of skin whilst the machine is applied but as the skin begins to numb any discomfort quickly subsides. Once the machine had been turned off and the fat began to thaw I did notice that the cold areas felt sore and did feel a certain amount of nausea as my body returned to normal temperature.

How does it work?

The suction motion pulls the stubborn fat cells away from your vital organs and works to freeze them. Once the treatment is complete the body does the rest. Fat cells are broken up and released naturally over an 8 to 16 week time period.

Any side effects I should now about?

Unfortunately yes. Although different people react differently to treatment, skin can become bruised and swollen in the days following treatment and the treated areas in my case took about a week to get back to normal. Although I didn't experience it myself, mild cramps around the area are not uncommon in the days following the treatment.

What are the benefits?

A 20% to 40% reduction of fat in the treated areas without too much discomfort or any surgery. For most people the treatment can be taken care of within the time it takes for a decent lunch !

How long does it take?

It depends entirely on which areas need treating. One hour is the standard time period but if you need to treat anything in pairs you can double that !

Any downsides?

Unfortunately, if you are overweight Cool Sculpting isn't a magic cure all that will suddenly make you slim. The treatment is designed for those stubborn pockets of fat that never seem to budge no matter how many hours you spend on the treadmill. It does work but there are limitations.

And the results?

As my muffin top is an awkward spot for me I was quite pleased at the results. After 8 weeks there's a bit less to grab and the skin seems smoother and better conditioned.

And the best bit?

As having your fat sucked and frozen probably isn't the most uplifting of procedures. Thankfully River Medical have upped the entertainment stakes a bit with a decent selection of chick lit, some good glossies and a shiny new i-pad !

How much is it?

Cool Sculpting is priced from €800 and is available at River Medical, Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2. For more information telephone 1850 88 5050 or see for more details.

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