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Clampdown: Bloggers must declare when they are promoting products





Bloggers and influencers must now declare if they have been paid to promote a product under new guidelines issued by the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland.

The ASAI has introduced the guidelines to prevent Irish consumers from being misled through online advertisements on blogs and social media websites.

Where celebrities or influencers are sponsored by brands or paid directly to promote a product, it must be clear if their social media posts are for marketing purposes.

Disclaimers should be visible for consumers to see before they view they read the relevant material.

However, the ASAI stated that advertisers also have a responsibility to ensure that bloggers adhere to the new ASAI guidelines, ensuring posts are "legal, decent, honest and truthful".

Orla Twomey, CEO of the ASAI, said: "The area of influencer marketing has seen a number of in-depth conversations both online and in the media recently as consumers voice their concerns about bloggers who may or may not be declaring marketing communications.

"The new ASAI guidelines aim to address these concerns and develop a uniform set of standards applicable to both companies and the bloggers who deliver the marketing communications."

Bloggers are being encouraged to use clearly identifiable hashtags when promoting products, such as such as #AD or #SP. 

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