Thursday 22 March 2018

Celebrity beauty: Cheryl's new do

Cheryl Cole. Photo: Getty Images
Cheryl Cole. Photo: Getty Images

Sinead van Kampen

When it comes to the reality of commercial endorsements, Cheryl Cole certainly has the X-Factor. The Girls Aloud star and X-Factor judge has already earned an estimated €12m during her career and everyone's favourite girl next door shows no sign of stopping there.

Recently Cheryl has been sporting a new mahogany colour, said to have been achieved with L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in Mahogany and pharmacies are buying in extra stocks to meet demand asgirls up and down the country can copy their idol for less then the price of a cinema ticket. But is it really possible to get such a lustrous look on a budget?

Celebrity hair stylist Nicola Dooley is sceptical.

"Cheryl's hair is multi-tonal which is impossible to achieve with an all-over colour. It looks to me like she's had some extra tone and a gloss treatment added", she says.

When it comes to home dyeing Nicola recommends getting professional advice.

She tells me "most people just don't have enough knowledge to get the end result and as most people want to lighten hair the only way to do that is to use highlights or strip it."

If you do decide to go it alone Nicola advises sticking to basics before you begin home dyeing and use a colour not too far from your natural shade.

"Most people get it wrong because they expect too much at the beginning," says Nicola.

Since everyone's hair colour is different the end results can vary due to factors like how reactive your hair type will be when combined with the dye and how evenly the colour takes between the roots and the tips.

She believes semi-permanent dyes are best kept in a colour range slightly darker than your natural colour and whilst it may be tempting to go off script and head for intensive colouring, not sticking to the letter of the law can be a disaster.

"I think most salons advise against the DIY route because they've seen so many attempts go wrong."

If you are tempted to get Cheryl's new colour, a few simple measures like adding vaseline to the hairline and ears to prevent skin staining will help, as will choosing products free of metallics which tend to be kinder to hair.

As consumers increasingly turn toward inexpensive beauty basics it's no wonder that companies are queueing up to get celebrities to give their products the X-Factor.

Whilst home dyeing may need a bit more effort a brand new colour is always a great pick me up.

Money aside, could it finally be that the former Mrs Cole has finally washed that man right out of her hair ?

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