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You can now turn your Instagram photos into temporary tattoos


Thanks to a new online service, you can now turn your Instagram uploads into wearable art.

Online website Picatoo is offering snap-happy social media users the option to turn their poignant memories into temporary tattoo transfers.

The service is based in The Netherlands but ships the ‘Insta-tats’ worldwide.

If you want to wear your selfie on your sleeve, log on to the website and select 12 of your favourite posts and the site will send them to you for a fee of €10.99.



Your photos will be developed in colour onto temporary tattoo paper which claims to last on the skin for up to one week.

This is the latest innovative way to take your memories from the app to real life.

Last year, Boomf launched a service that allowed people to print marshmallows with their images (one man even used this service to propose to his girlfriend.)



Likewise, a company called NailSnaps was crowdfunded in the US last Spring, offering Instagram users the option to transform their pictures into nail art stickers.



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