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What I eat in a day: Model, nutritional therapist and former Miss World Rosanna Davison

Rosanna Davison on holidays
Rosanna Davison on holidays
Rosanna Davison has tips to avoid bloating. Photo: Barry McCall
Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

As one of Ireland's most successful models and a Miss World title under her belt, Rosanna Davison knows a thing or two about looking good. But with a qualification in nutritional therapy, the 30-year-old knows there's more to life than what's on the outside.

After the success of her debut cookbook Eat Yourself Beautiful, she's working on the follow-up for release next year and will be hosting her first workshop in Dublin next month sharing her beauty, food and fitness tips and secrets.

Her hectic work schedule may mean the setting changes, but kicks off her day the same way.

"I always start with a glass of warm water with fresh lemon juice, and a glass of homemade green smoothie or fresh green juice," she says.


It tends to change depending on what I'm doing, but breakfast is often a chia pudding made with unsweetened almond milk, vanilla seeds and berries. Lunch might be homemade butternut squash soup with pumpkin seeds and a kale and avocado salad, and dinner might be a red lentil dahl or sweet potato with roast veggies and hummus. I keep it simple, using whole foods and lots of colour."


Rather than diving into three large meals a day, she prefers to graze on six smaller meals to fuel her body.

"I'm a grazer, so I tend to eat five or six smaller meals a day. I find this suits my busy lifestyle better, and helps to keep me energised. I try not to let my blood sugar levels falls too low, so I like to eat every few hours," she explains.


Fans of Rosanna will see she regularly shares pictures across social media platforms of her exercising any time of day, including her newest passion - pilates, the exercise of choice for Victoria's Secret Angels.

"I usually work out six days a week, doing a mixture of weight training at Bodybyrne Fitness with a trainer, Pilates at Pilates Plus Dublin, and cardiovascular exercise," she said.

"I love to be active, but I make sure to take my rest days, and I won't push my body on days that I'm not feeling up to it. I think it's so important to listen to your body, and work out what sort of exercise regime suits you and your lifestyle. You also need to enjoy whatever type of exercise you do. Being so active, I need to eat well to fuel my body properly, and will usually make a protein smoothie or shake after a workout. "


As a vegan, it can be tricky to find the right dish when you're dining out, but she has been frequenting the same restaurant in Glasthule for years.

"My favourite restaurant is Rasam in Glasthule, and I've been going with my family for years. There's always a great buzz there and the service is excellent. They also have a brilliant range of veggie dishes, so I usually order the vegetarian Thali, which is a selection of different dishes cooked in delicious spices and served with rice," she says.

Since emerging as one of Ireland's most popular food influencers, her culinary passion isn't just a job - she spends her off days in the kitchen as well and freezes dishes in advance for convenience .

"I love to cook, and anytime I have a day off, I like to spend the day creating recipes. Sundays are a great day to cook up a big batch of curry, soup, stew or a vegetable and quinoa dish to last for a few days. I also make smoothies in advance and freeze them," she shared.

Does such a strict diet and fitness regime mean sweet treats are off the table?

"I do my best to totally avoid refined sugar, and I never really crave sugary foods. I'll have some dark chocolate if I really fancy it."


Rosanna's latest project, her Beauty, Food and Fitness Workshop will take place on December 6th at The Westbury Hotel, with a nutritional talk, a makeup tutorial by Michelle Regazzoli-Stone, a hair demo from Ceira Lambert Hair Consultancy, a fitness talk from celebrity trainer Paul Byrne and advice on creating a Happy Closet by stylist and author Annmarie O'Connor. Goodie bags, signed copies of eat Yourself Beautiful as well as prizes including a free head of Gold Fever hair extensions, two  brand new Instyler Tulips and more.  Tickets are €99, inclusive of fees, and all details can be found on

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