Friday 24 November 2017

What I Eat In A Day: Dublin GAA star Philly McMahon

Philly McMahon
Philly McMahon
Dublin’s Philly McMahon
Philly McMahon
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Philly McMahon
Philip McMahon
Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

How do you fuel a full-time business and athletic career?

Dublin GAA footballer Philly McMahon shares his day on a plate.

What time is your normal wake up call?

I typically wake up around 5.50am or 9.30am, depending on my training schedule the night before.

How many meals do you eat per day? During training days and on an off day?

I eat on average three meals per day. On training days, I look to increase my carb intake. That will look like a jacket baked potato or wholemeal pitta, usually with salmon or tuna.

Philly McMahon

What is your staple breakfast, lunch and dinner?

I love protein pancakes, so I'm hooked on them as a breakfast. My favourite lunch would be something high in protein and minerals such as a tuna salad. I would enjoy something like a Fitfood burger and chips for dinner.

What's your signature meal?

I used to cook - now that I've a food company, I eat all the profits!

How many days a week do you train? On days you train, how does your diet differ than normal?

I train nearly every day. My diet depends on the intensity of the training - if it's low intensity like mobility work I tend to have a high protein, low sourced carb meal such as a small fist full of wholegrain rice with tuna in a tomato and herb dressing.

Does your diet differ for specific exercises, e.g. Are there specific meals for cardio days or weight days?

Not really. If I’m training heavily I can afford to have more carbs afterwards.

Dublin’s Philly McMahon

As an athlete, what's the worst meal you can eat?

A lot of athletes eat badly after a game or big competition. This is a big no no for me as your body needs to have the right nutrients to recover the muscle tissue. So stay away from high fatty foods like pizza, which has become known as a thing for soccer players post game.

Are you sick of eating chicken breasts and sweet potato? How many do you eat in a day?

I eat a varied diet. Chicken salads are a staple but more and more I’m getting my source of protein from tuna which is also high in Omega 3’s, a great source of energy.

When you’re out for dinner and what's your usual order?

There's not many places in Dublin where you can actually eat healthy. I love BBQ places like Pitt Bros or Taco Taco and if I'm going fancy I'm a big fan of Cleaver East by Oliver Dunne.

Dublin defender Philly McMahon

Are you completely opposed to sweet treats or do you allow yourself a cheat day?

If you eat in moderation and limit the portion size, then there should be no reason to refuse a slice of cake on the odd occasion!

What's your favourite cheat meal?

My favourite cheat meal would come for one of my favourite restaurants (above).

How much water do you drink and do you take any supplements?

I take very little supplements, I used to take fish oils and portion post training. Now, I'm very lucky with the busy lifestyle I have, that I can grab Fitfood meals and John West twists and infusion pots to fuel busy days.

Having healthy options that are high in protein and minerals, help me get the right amount of fish oil and protein I need after training and throughout the busy working day.

I drink around three to four litres of water a day depending if it's a training day.

 Philly McMahon is an ambassador for John West Tuna

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