Thursday 24 May 2018

Vogue Williams' fitness videos are exactly what you need when you don't feel like hitting the gym

Vogue Williams works through an intense fitness session. Photo: Instagram
Vogue Williams works through an intense fitness session. Photo: Instagram

Sasha Brady

Vogue Williams' latest workout videos are exactly what you need for some fitness motivation.

Summoning the energy and motivation to work out can be hard, especially on a weekday.

You come home from work, think about what you'll cook for dinner, sit down for a little while and then you get a little too comfortable.

Eventually you remember a promise you made to yourself about going to the gym but that requires effort and you *literally* just sat down.

Vogue Williams
Vogue Williams

We hear you.

In those moments, we turn to social media for inspiration. The workout photos and videos that models, celebrities and fitness stars regularly post is enough to make us entertain the notion of going to the gym (or even a walk to the shops - that still counts as exercise).

Self-confessed gym bunny Vogue Williams is our latest inspiration.

The Irish model and TV presenter posted two short videos to her Instagram account, highlighting the workout she was powering through with personal trainer, Maya Saffronhan, in London's Virgin Active gym.

"I love using the rower for ab work because it makes it so much harder on your core! I did ten reps of each and repeated three times after my work out," she explained in the post.

In another video, the impossibly fit Howth-native, worked through a gruelling session of weights and lunge exercises with trainer Erica Brennan at The Gym, Howth.

Speaking on her Hello magazine blog, the 30-year-old revealed that she always finds the time to train and explained that she repeated the exercises, demonstrated in the video, five times in one half-hour session.

"I always train, even when I have a busy week but this week I really only had half an hour each day to train so I got a great [personal training] session to work myself hard. I did five sets of each of these exercises, always choose a weight that suits you."

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