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VIDEO: Six simple Pilates moves to strengthen and tone your tummy at home

If you want to improve your flexibility while reaping the benefits of toning and strengthening your body - watch our quick and easy-to-follow video for some exercises you can do at home.

Now that summer has officially begun, we caught up with Pilates guru Emma Forsyth to find out what moves we should be incorporating into our routine to get those coveted six pack abs.

Emma, the proprietor at Pilates Plus Dublin, showed us her five favourite exercises to strengthen and tone the core.

After training in Los Angeles to become a SPX™ instructor, Emma revolutionised how Pilates was being taught in Ireland by introducing the country to the Proformer machine - a favourite of models and starlets worldwide.



Emma's classes combine everything from push ups to squats and lunges with her own variations (including 'the wheelbarrow' which can be seen at the end of our video.)

To date, she has trained the likes of Sile Seoige, Michelle Heaton and Leigh Arnold in her Dun Laoghaire based studio and her classes are often booked out weeks in advance.

With the help of model Karena Graham, watch the video to learn some of Emma's helpful tips on how to develop long and lean muscles.




1. Plank

2. Side Plank

3. Kick Backs

4. Extended Leg Kicks

5. Scissors Kicks

6. Wheelbarrow (machine required)



For more information about Pilates Plus Dublin, visit their website.

Follow Emma on Instagram here.

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