Friday 19 July 2019

This size 6 model hit back at claims she photoshopped her size 16 friend to look bigger in pictures

Austrlian models Georgia Gibbs and Kate Wasley. Picture: Instagram
Austrlian models Georgia Gibbs and Kate Wasley. Picture: Instagram
Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

An Australian model has been forced to deny accusations she photoshopped images of her friend to make her look larger in photos.

Georgia Gibbs, who wears a size six, teamed up with good friend and fellow model Kate Wasley, a size 16, shared a picture of them getting ready for a night out in Sydney and were met with a barrage of negativity almost immediately after posing.

Both are successful models with impressive followings on Instagram, but Georgia said she was shocked to see the negative reaction the picture garnered online.

She was soon accused of editing the pictures to make her waist look smaller and extending Kate's figure in order to draw further contrast to their different physiques.

But instead of getting down about the hate, the girls treated it as an opportunity to launch a new body confidence campaign

"We posted this picture, just as best friends going out on the weekend, it got reposted a lot and the controversy started," she explained on Instagram to her 230,000+ followers.

"'You have Photoshopped yourself thinner or your friend bigger, what kind of friend are you?' was one of the comments. It broke my heart because Kate and I are best friends why would I do that?

"The fact that a simple picture of two people together went so viral purely because of their body types shocked me. People aren't used to seeing girls of different sizes photographed together and being okay with it."

Kate echoed her friend's statements, saying they want "girls and women to stop comparing themselves to others because we are all so uniquely beautiful in our own way".

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