Tuesday 17 July 2018

'She doesn't care, why should I?' - Dublin mum shares empowering post about body image

Kelly Fitzsimons shared an empowering message about positive body image.
Kelly Fitzsimons shared an empowering message about positive body image.
Kelly Fitzsimons and her daughter Ella May.
Amy Mulvaney

Amy Mulvaney

Dublin woman and mother to young Instagram star Miss Ella May, Kelly Fitzsimons has shared an empowering message about body image.

Kelly (25) took to Facebook to share a photo of her and her daughter Ella May (6) in matching bikinis on holiday last year.

Kelly has gained a following of over 37,000 on Instagram by styling and dressing mini fashionista Ella May.

However, it isn’t often that Kelly strays from behind the camera.

Kelly Fitzsimons and her daughter Ella May.
Kelly Fitzsimons and her daughter Ella May.

In her refreshing post that has gained over one thousand likes, Kelly says: “What’s the most important part of this picture? My smile.”

“This picture was taken over a year ago and I have never been brave enough to post it.”

Kelly, from Swords, Co. Dublin, told Independent.ie:

“It’s been such a bad few years, with a lot going on in my family and now I’m the biggest I’ve ever been. I was clearing out my phone and saw the picture and thought ‘Why do I care? She doesn’t, so why should I?’”

Raising A Queen

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Kelly is determined that Ella May doesn’t feel the pressure to be ‘perfect’ or to look like someone she’s not, so she has set out to provide a positive example for her daughter by ditching her body woes.

“I’m heavily influenced by celebrities and bloggers, but I’ve realised I’m never going to look like them. So many people feel how I feel. On Facebook, everyone is a different person,” she explained.

“I wouldn’t be healthy or exercise or eat the right food. Up until two years ago, I did. But I’ve always felt like I need to be smaller. I don’t want Ella May to feel that way.”

“I hide behind the camera taking photos of Ella May, I’m almost ashamed to get in myself. I’ve always been bigger build and the biggest clothes size out of my friends,” she said honestly.

“Trying to raise a daughter with a positive body image is hard when you're a mother with a negative body image," said Kelly in the post.

“All I want for my little girl to worry about is how nice she has been to her friend or how many maths questions she solved, not about how big or small something is on her body!”

As for joining Ella May behind the camera, Kelly said that’s something she would love to do.

“For the first time in weeks I’m wearing lovely clothes, have my makeup done and I feel great about myself. For myself and for her, I have to look after myself.”

Kelly said that there were no positive body messages around her growing up, but she’s making sure Ella May has a different environment. 

“Positive body image, that’s how we roll in our house!”

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