Monday 22 April 2019

Selfie surgery? Women now want to look just like their filtered Instagram photos

Kylie Jenner in just one of her many selfies posted on Instagram (Photo: Instagram/KylieJenner)
Kylie Jenner in just one of her many selfies posted on Instagram (Photo: Instagram/KylieJenner)

A new trend has emerged on the plastic surgery scene. Magazine clippings are long gone, and woman are now using their Instagram-filtered selfies to show their surgeons exactly how they would like to be transformed.

“This is a huge trend,“ surgeon Dr. Elie Levine told the New York Daily News. “People are bringing in pictures of themselves taken at a favorite angle or filtered, and saying they want to look like that.”

The ‘selfie’ phenomenon has really taken off, and one of the biggest fans of the craze is the glamorous Kim Kardashian.

There is usually not a day goes by that Mrs Kardashian-West doesn’t put a photo of herself on social media, and she’s even set to release a book purely containing her own selfies.

Geri Hubner from the US told the news site that she started filtering her photos to amend parts of her that she didn’t like, but then decided to wanted the look in real-life.

“I wanted to look like that all the time,” she said. She then said she showed her instagram shots to a plastic surgeon, prior to having work done, so he would know the exact look she wanted. 

“It worked - too well,” another woman admitted: “I decided I wanted people to see that person, in person and not just through a filter.”

This appears to be a growing trend, in the US in particular. According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, there has been a 33 per cent increase in procedures driven by self-awareness from social media since 2013.

“Clients are not trying to look like a whole different person anymore,” added surgeon Dr. Andrew Miller. “We always stress taking what you have naturally and making it better.

“Otherwise, people can look really weird,” he said.

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