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Protein Shakes, Pineapple, and Johnson's Baby Oil: Michelle Keegan’s Top Ten Tips for Bikini Season


Having been voted Bikini Body of the Year 2014, (beating off stiff competition from Kim Kardashian and Rihanna) Michelle Keegan knows a thing or two about being beach ready.

A self confessed lover of cheese, noodles and Domino’s Pizza, Michelle has one of the most enviable figures in the business.

Refreshingly, the actress works hard for her toned and lithe frame. Below are her ten commandments to ensure a fit and healthy body:

1. Eat lots of protein and grilled vegetables every day, and definitely no carbs after 6pm.


2. Swap your cup of tea for green tea with pineapple.

3. Drink at least 1½ litres of water a day.

4. Wholebake 9 bar with pumpkin seeds are a guilt free treat to tackle sugar cravings.

5. Fuel protein shakes or vanilla whey protein shakes for breakfast or just after training.

6. Mrs Wright to be says: “I hate the gym, but I go three times a week for 40 minutes. I hate running, so I prefer to do low-impact cardio on the bike.”

Michelle’s gym routine:

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20 minutes on the bike or cross trainer

3 x 10 lunges on each leg

3 x 20 squats on each leg

5 minutes of sit ups

As many bicep curls as possible

7. I shave my legs every day with hair conditioner, exfoliate, moisturise, apply fake tan, book a summer pedicure, and I always rub a small blob of Johnson’s baby oil on my legs before I go out to give them a sheen.

8. Cut down on carbs- bread, potatoes and pasta- and sugary drinks to stop bloating.

9. Do sit ups for the duration of two songs- it’s less boring than counting them.

10. I use the YouTube video ‘8 Minute Abs’- and I feel good about my abs if I’ve been doing that a lot.

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