Tuesday 10 December 2019

Powerful viral video ad from Always redefines ‘like a girl’ stereotype

Freya Drohan

The latest advertisement by Always (makers of sanitary products) aims to break down the ‘like a girl’ stereotype and encourage girl power.

The video evidently strikes a chord- it has been viewed over 22 million times in the last week.

The viral video investigates why women lose confidence after puberty- and how ‘like a girl’ takes on a negative connotation as we mature.

Ads encouraging female empowerment has been a popular topic as of late, with Dove and Pantene weighing in on the subject with thought provoking campaigns.

In the ad, adolescent girls, older women, boys and men are asked to demonstrate how to “run like a girl,” “fight like a girl” and “throw like a girl.”

Watch below to see how they respond.

Online Editors

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