Saturday 24 March 2018

Plus-size woman posts lingerie selfies every day in body confidence challenge

Courtney Mina/Instagram
Courtney Mina/Instagram
Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

A plus-size woman has posted lingerie selfies everyday in a unique new Instagram challenge.

Courtney Mina (29) challenged herself into posting a picture of herself in lingerie on social media in order to challenge body norms, wanting to encourage women of all shapes and sizes that everyone is beautiful.

The freelance writer says she's "always been fat" and "there's nothing wrong with my unique body", instead highlighting the importance of loving yourself.

"I wanted to not only explain and show how I gained my own confidence, but show people what actually happens when you're a plus-size person being confident, sexy, and showing off your body,"she told PEOPLE magazine.

"I've reached the point already where I know that there is nothing wrong with my unique body, and I have every right to celebrate it and love it as everyone else does. I truly don't understand why everyone tries to conform to look the same way all the time, it's so boring."

And Mina said she received overwhelmingly positive feedback from her followers, praising her decision.

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