Wednesday 11 December 2019

'Nobody likes a fat bird' - Irish plus-size model on horrific verbal abuse she received at birthday party

Katie Higgins. Instagram
Katie Higgins. Instagram

Sasha Brady

Irish plus-size model and blogger, Katie Higgins, has shared an inspiring message to women after she was publicly shamed during her birthday celebrations.

Katie was in Liverpool with friends to celebrate her 26th birthday when she received abuse from complete strangers.

As the blogger and her friends were enjoying dinner, their meal was interrupted by two "intoxicated" people - one male and one female - who were sitting at the next table.

"The male out loud said ‘check out the fat bird’ along with other comments which were ignored and I didn’t alert my companions to it either," she told RedFM.

Irish plus-size model and beauty blogger Katie Higgins. Instagram
Irish plus-size model and beauty blogger Katie Higgins. Instagram

“The male continued to get louder as he shouted ‘nobody likes a fat bird’ continuously, the girl with him roared with laughter.”

Katie said that her friends were ignoring the cruel taunts but she found it hard to not feel hurt by the remarks.

“I did say ‘do ye hear what he is saying’ just in case I was paranoid and they assured me they did, every word, but didn’t want to upset me.

“I did let it get to me. I have a gorgeous group of friends to which I have always been the big girl but never felt left out.

Katie Higgins. Instagram
Katie Higgins. Instagram

“I dress well I present myself well I have an amazing support of friends.”

The Cork native said that "she felt let down" by herself for letting the comments get the beter of her.

"I felt kicked in the face. I did nothing wrong but be myself yet why was I upset?

“People commend me constantly for being confident yet I’m not. Yes I’m just me but I’m not confident.

“An insignificant creature had decided to pick me as his target to which I didn’t react but yet felt like I was nothing.”

Katie revealed that she receives negative messages like this on a daily basis but tries her best to rise above the comments.

She said: “Because you are big, small, short, tall, nobody has the right to disrespect or abuse you."

“I’m extremely lucky to have parents, grandparent, friends who accept me for me and love me for me. I’m me – love it or hate it – it will never change.

“I’m lucky I’m comfortable with who I am, another person may not be so lucky and may be pushed to the edge.

“Be you be proud be wonderful. It’s not a pity post it’s a post to make people aware that even I get abuse regularly and have to plough through people (who) will always be like this unfortunately, so chin up and be you.”

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