Saturday 18 November 2017

No sugar, dairy, alcohol or coffee and daily workouts - how Amanda Byram gets that body

Amanda Byram/Facebook
Amanda Byram/Facebook
Amanda Byram/Facebook
Amanda Byram and her boyfriend in Thailand
Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

Amanda Byram has revealed the secrets to looking like Amanda Byram

The tv star is famous for her healthy lifestyle, which she credits for her ageless appearance, but her killer body doesn't come without hard work.

Byram, a former model, said she doesn't eat sugar or dairy, doesn't drink coffee and rarely indulges in alcohol and ensures exercise is part of her daily regime.

As she approaches her 42nd birthday next month, the Total Wipeout host said she has only grown comfortable with her body in recent years, enjoying the confidence that has come with her 40s.

Amanda Byram/Facebook
Amanda Byram/Facebook

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"I spent most of my youth – teens, 20s and early-30s – wasted on every fad diet and the obsession to be skinny," she told the current issue of Your Fitness magazine.

"Now coming into my 42nd year I know my body is precious. It needs to be nurtured. It’s been really healthy for a couple of years now.

"I quit alcohol for the most part almost two years ago and while that was difficult for a period of time, I’ve never felt better.

"I haven’t eaten sugar or dairy or processed foods for a long time – the alternatives are so numerous and accessible now.”

As for her workouts, the brunette beauty credits ballet with her toned physique.

"“Ballet moves keep the butt perky. I do love working out, but mostly when I’m halfway through it," she added to the magazine.

“I absolutely adore the feeling I get from it afterwards and I’m not sure I could exist without it.

“But getting to the gym is as much of a struggle for me as everyone else, even though people assume differently.

“It’s about dedication. You know eating good food and exercising regularly will benefit you, therefore you must stick with it in order to be your very best self."

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