Tuesday 25 June 2019

Meet the blogger who documented her nose job on social media

*Warning: Contains graphic content*

Rhiannon Langley/Instagram
Rhiannon Langley/Instagram

An Australian blogger is a social media star after documenting the good, bad and the ugly of getting a nose job.

Rhiannon Langley (24) flew from Melbourne to Thailand in xxx where she underwent rhinoplasty and shared her "nose job journey" on Instagram.

For several weeks, her nearly 200,000 Instagram followers have been cheering her on as she gave a brutally honest account of her recovery, including graphic pictures.

The hairdresser said she always wanted to have cosmetic surgery on her nose, saying she couldn't "stand it" looking at herself in the mirror before deciding to finally go under the knife.

"The biggest issue I had with my nose was a ‘hanging columella’ (google it if you’re not sure) it’s like a droop on the tip, it also hung to the right, it drove me insane! My nose was so long for my small face and I couldn’t stand it," she wrote in her blog post.

She's now back in her native Melbourne and back to her day-to-day routine, saying she'll be in touch with her followers who have any queries about cosmetic surgery. And is expected to be equally upfront with her progress before the swelling subsides in in months.

"I already feel so much more confident and can’t wait for the end of the 6 months. I am recovering really well and couldn’t thank cosmeditour enough for being the best agency to do this," she wrote in a post at the end of her journey.

"Thank you to my amazing fiancé as well for taking care of me and my friends, family and followers support! Again lots of love and thanks for reading my blog post about my surgery experience in Thailand!"

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