Thursday 22 March 2018

'Louis Walsh told me I looked fat and that spurred me to lose five stone', reveals Lisa Fitzpatrick

Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

Top stylist Lisa Fitzpatrick has opened up about the emotional journey she endured which involved her transforming from a size 20 to a size 10.

The fashionista, who is close pals with Louis Walsh, revealed it was the X Factor's judges comments on her appearance that encouraged her towards a healtheri lifestyle.

Writing in today's Celebrity Diary of The Herald, the mum-of--two revealed: "My recent book launch, Diet SOS, went great and there has been a very good reaction to it.

"Louis Walsh came along to the launch, he’s just been great and he was one of the reasons I decided to lose the weight in the first place. I was 15 stone and wore clothes size 18-20 and I remember meeting him in the Four Seasons and he was like, 'What happened to you, you look so different?' And by that, he meant fat," she added.


But his comments, which came from a positive place, didn't get her down and instead, she credits him as part of the reason for her weight loss and subsequent health boost.

"But I didn’t get upset. It was a reality check when someone does that — they’re being honest with you and if you’re overweight, it’s nobody else's fault but your own," she said.  The book isn’t a quick fix and it’s not easy to change your eating habits. If it were, we’d all be skinny minnies.

"It took me three years to lose the weight but I’ve kept it off and you have to be ready to really want to lose it or it’s not going to happen. The book is an honest account of my journey and some of my friends are like, “I can’t believe you shared all that. I didn’t know you were going through that”.

For the full story, in Lisa's words, see today's Herald

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Louis Walsh and Lisa Fitzpatrick

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