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Instagram fitness icon Jen Selter shares her top five bum exercises


Move over Beyoncé: the owner of Instagram’s most famous bum shares her top five moves for a shapely derriere.





The 20-year-old became an internet sensation, thanks to her incredible physique, which has landed her brand-collaborations, a fitness column, and a Vanity Fair spread.

The 5-foot-6, 112-pound New Yorker started posting motivational fitness quotes on her social media pages when she decided to post a photo of her own body-which subsequently went viral.

To date, she has amassed over 3 million followers (including Rihanna) on Instagram and the hashtag #seltering has been trending ever since.

Her mother Jill says, “I’m very proud of her because this is a girl who didn’t want to go to college, and she was able to build up this social media in such a way that she has become famous and she is an inspiration and motivation for so many people.”

Here she shares her top five moves for sculpting the glutes:

Donkey Kicks

-Start on your hands and knees.

-Raise your left foot towards the ceiling and bringing your knee into your chest, kick your leg in and out, keeping your foot flat, and squeezing your glutes.

Video of the Day

-Do this 15 times on each leg.

Water Hydrants

-Start in the same position as before.

-Keeping palms and one knee on the floor, raise your other leg out to the side so that your thigh is parallel with the ground.

-Raise your leg in and out so that “you basically look like a dog peeing”, as Jen puts it.

-Do this 15 times on each leg.

Chair Kicks

-Take a chair and stand at arm’s length behind it, so that it faces away from you.

-Holding the chair for balance, tilt forward and raise your leg up behind you as high as you can and lower back to the floor with control.

-Do this 20 times on each leg.

Squat Pulse

-Stand with legs wider than shoulder width, toes turned out, and arms straight out in front of you.

-Lower to squat position and pulse up and down.

-Pulse 10 times before standing.

-Do this 15 times and repeat for three sets.

Squat Kick

-Start in the same position as before, and lower yourself into squat position.

-When returned to standing position, lift your leg as high as you can to your side.

-Lower leg back to the ground with control and return to squat position.

-Do this 10 times on each leg and repeat for three sets.

(Tip: for more information on how to do the above moves, type the exercise name into YouTube.)



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