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How to get Rosanna Davison's six pack abs, according to her pilates instructor

Rosanna Davison in Mauritius. Picture: Instagram
Rosanna Davison in Mauritius. Picture: Instagram
Rosanna Davison and husband Wesley Quirke on holidays in Mauritius. Picture: Instagram
Model and Victoria's Secret Angel Lily Aldridge credits pilates for her figure
Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

Getting into Miss World shape is easier than you might think.

Former beauty queen Rosanna Davison has been busy breaking the internet with an array of bikini photos on her annual trek to Mauritius and we've tracked down the secret to her super toned physique - pilates.

While Rosanna (30) credits clean eating (she’s been a vegan for the last number of years) and regular exercise for her figure, it's her type of workout that is doing the trick.

The nutritional therapist visits Pilates Plus Dublin in Dun Laoghaire several times a week and owner Emma Forsyth said her 55-minute classes, using Pro-Former machines, focus on core muscles and resistance training, which she says are crucial for fitness in women in particular.

New Year's Day on the beach in my @virginiamacari bikini #Mauritius

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“Rosanna looks after her diet, we all know she eats very clean and she works really hard in class,” Emma told Independent Style. 

“She has done pilates for years and started coming to the studio last year and felt and saw the difference – she’s stronger, more flexible and her abs look more phenomenal.”

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Emma’s classes include the same physical effects of burpees and push ups and  is also the workout of choice for many of the Victoria's Secret Angels.

Pike to Catfish Combo at #PilatesPlusDublin this morning @emmappd

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“In our class, it’s about constant core engagement - you’re using it for the entire class, but there are specific sections that are core and ab heavy.

“The great thing about pilates is they work on flexibility as well are core strength. When you go to a smaller class, you get the proper attention. It works smaller muscles as well as bigger muscle groups, so it’s not just about your quads or glutes.”

Emma emphasised her studio isn't just focused on appearances, but overall health. The e purpose of a class isn't to build a six pack to show off on Instagram, but is also believed to help joint pain and improve posture.

“Our system is not just based around aesthetics, but to build your core and ease back pain from sitting at your desk all day and from stress,” Emma said. “As soon as your shoulders start going forward, you can’t engage your core. I always tell my clients ‘Imagine there’s a string tied to your bellybutton, towards your spine and chest. 

Rosanna Davison and husband Wesley Quirke on holidays in Mauritius. Picture: Instagram
Rosanna Davison and husband Wesley Quirke on holidays in Mauritius. Picture: Instagram

"It’s not fast, fast, fast – it’s very much about slow, controlled movements, it’s a constant engagement of your core and thinking about your muscles.

“Working your muscles to fatigue and forcing them to grow, but not bulk. You also burn loads of calories because there’s a cardio element to it and because it’s resistance training, you burn calories after class too.”

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Emma said she has noticed a surge in business thanks to social media and is also working to dispel the myth that pilates and yoga are gentle exercises for an “easy” workout day.

 “There are so many health benefits to it - resistance training helps stave off osteoporosis, for example,” she explained.

“A lot of women have this opinion that they can go for a walk or a run, but a run can do the opposite when it comes to your bone density. Do something – even if it’s weights, or something at home, it’s so much more important for women to do that.”

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