Wednesday 16 October 2019

Here are five easy ways you can prevent the 'chub rub' chafing during the heatwave

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Ashley Graham during a photoshoot on Miami Beach. Picture: Splash News
Ashley Graham during a photoshoot on Miami Beach. Picture: Splash News
Ashley Graham
Ashley Graham
Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

With great heat comes great responsibility.

As Ireland enters unfathomable summer temperatures in the high twenties, everyone is coping in their own way. For those of us whose thighs touch, it's a particularly painful time as the heat means increased sweat, which means increased friction, which means we are prone to sore chafing, which means we're experiencing a world of discomfort you can't see.

Here are some of my best tips to help you survive the warm weather.

1. Deodorant

Amy Schumer introduced me to this one when she announced at the 2016 Met Gala that the New York City heat on the first Monday in May was a concern that needed to be addressed. Spray some deodorant on both of your inner thighs which was allow a smoother walk - but remember, you will sweat it off so bring a travel sized can with you. Disclaimer: Roll-on deodorant will also do the trick.

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2. Anti-chafing shorts became the internet's hottest retailer earlier this month when they launched their budget friendly thigh bands, perfect to prevent chafing under a skirt or dress. They sold out nearly instantly, but similarly alternatives are available from Bandelettes and Amazon. It's too hot for Spanx

3. Vaseline

When in doubt, go with a classic. Apply to both of your inner thighs for instant relief. But be warned that the gel is visible and also easily spread, so it's best not to wear it with shorts.

4. Be careful of what you wear.

Speaking of shorts, unless you have some weapons in your chafing arsenal, opt for a pair that covers your danger zones and is cut a little longer. There is no pair of hotpants or mini-dress that is worth the pain that comes with a burgeoning rash on your inner thighs.

5. Don't shave.

Above-the-knee shaving might be a little too much commitment for most of us, but for that those do, avoid your sensitive areas where your thighs touch as the stubble will aggravate it even more. 

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