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Have you heard about the 'manzilian'? Irish men's hair removal habits revealed


unshaved man with razor

unshaved man with razor

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unshaved man with razor

Irish men are just as innovative as women when it comes to removing their unwanted hair.

It's not just shaving your beard after Movember these days, but monobrow removal, and even 'manzilians' are on the waxing menu nowadays.

"Our most popular manscaping treatments are monobrow tidy and nasal wax," Ellen Kavanagh of Waxperts. "Men just love getting their noses done. We've been told it's addictive. It's a really quick and effective treatment and one that people mightn't even realise exists."

"We offer specialised male bikini waxes, the manzilian as we like to call it. It's the same as a the brazilian and removes all or most, depending on the clients preference, of the pubic hair."

According to statistics, generalised hair removal among men is growing in popularity as one in five have said they feel obligated to remove chest hair, underarm hair and 13% of men also feel the need to remove leg hair.

"We have a very loyal client base for this treatment and it's mostly men aged 30+, from all walks of life and industries," Kavanagh added. "Some are sportsmen, some have a wife/girlfriend that comes in to us and recommended it and all just prefer being hair free. It's that simple."

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