Saturday 21 September 2019

#GlitterPits: The latest Instagram beauty trend

Sasha Brady

Women are decorating their armpit hair with glitter and sharing images online using the hashtag #GlitterPits in the latest Instagram beauty trend.

Last week, bearded guys shared shimmering photos of themselves online using the hashtag #GlitterBeards but now it's the women's turn.

The glitter craze has joined top beauty trends on Instagram and the decision for women to go shave-free and sparkly, is being hailed as a feminist campaign

Earlier in the year, the #FreeYourPits movement took over social media as an anti-shaming campaign.

Pit-tastic #glitterpits

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Women rejected the perceived standard of what femininity is 'supposed' to be by defiantly flaunting their armpit hair.

Now, painting armpit hair with glitter sends a similar, powerful message - albeit a more colourful one.

Will you be ditching the razor and reaching for the glitter pot?

Glitter pits are a thing #pride2013#glitterpits#gay

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