Sunday 18 November 2018

Freya Drohan: Four treats to blow your mind....without blowing your diet

Freya Drohan

Life's too short to not enjoy the occasional splurge. Here's four ways to satisfy your taste buds without ruining your healthy eating.

As our knowledge as to what constitutes a balanced and wholesome diet improves, we naturally become more sceptical about food labels.

It is very important that you pay attention to what is put in - or taken out - of your food. After all, what’s the point of guzzling smoothies laced with sugar or packaged goods chock full of nasty additives. Sometimes, it seems that your best intentions to stick to a clean and healthy diet are being foiled by deceptive marketing, and buzz words on packaging such as “gluten free”, “low fat” or “multi grain” are only adding to the confusion.

As we’ve been told time and time again, the best foods you can eat are the ones that were around when your ancestors were - vegetables, fruit, lean meats, fish, seeds, nuts

But, where is the fun in eating a diet solely consisting of paleolithic foods. As they say - variety is the spice of life and so the occasional splurge is important to keep your diet on track.

Here are some of our favourite healthier treats:

1. Keen Nut Butter

This range of delicious dairy-free nut butters was created by a nutritionist, making it an excellent alternative to processed peanut butter. The Almond Crunchy Maple variety has a cookie-dough consistency and a sweet and savoury taste: a delicious choice to spread on everything from oatcakes to apple slices. (€3.95,


2. Cleantella

This decadent blend has only four ingredients - Hazelnut butter, casein protein powder, raw cacao powder and coconut oil - making it a more waist-line friendly addition to your diet. Add a scoop to fresh fruit, Greek yoghurt or healthy pancakes for a post-workout treat. (€7.95 Selected health shops, and online via or


3. Whey Hey

A relatively new product, the "world's first protein ice cream" was devised by two Sports Science graduates who hold Masters degrees in Human Performance. Available in four flavours (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, banoffee) this offering is full of whey protein isolate and contains no sugar or gluten. Unlike tucking into a tub of your favourite calorie-laden ice cream, Whey Hey contains 20g of easily digestible, high quality protein. (€2.95, selected Super Valu/Centras nationwide and online via

whey hey.png

4. Nastasha’s Living Foods Cacao & Coconut Slice

Irish brand Natasha’s Living Foods are committed to delivering fair trade, organic and wholesome products. Their offerings are free from additives, nuts and animal products and are completely raw. When the 3 o’clock slump hits - give yourself a superfood boost with this anti-oxidant rich cacao and coconut slice, which contains only six ingredients. (€3.50, selected health stores, and


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