Wednesday 24 January 2018

Elaine Crowley working up a sweat in military bootcamp loved by Prince William and Harry

Elaine Crowley
Elaine Crowley
Elaine Crowley
Elaine Crowley at the TV3 New Season AW16 launch at The National Concert Hall, Dublin

Jennifer O'Brien

Most of us dream about sun-soaked beaches and cocktails when we think of holidays, but not Elaine Crowley.

The TV3 presenter is currently working up a sweat at a week-long military bootcamp in the UK with tough-talking former army members who trained with Prince Harry and Prince William.

The afternoon talk-show host insisted she's having a great experience in the wilds of Norfolk after a stressful period that saw her unable to exercise for quite some time.

"People think I'm mad because I go on holiday to places like this, but you won't find me drinking fishbowls in Thailand - I do enough partying in Dublin," Elaine told the Diary.

Elaine Crowley
Elaine Crowley

"For me, the main reason for coming on this trip was that I hadn't been sleeping properly.

"I've injured my back and then when I didn't get to exercise I was stressed and not sleeping. Here, I'm sleeping like a baby.

"De-stressing was the big priority for me.

"They cater the exercise for your body and it's just fantastic."

Elaine and FM104 presenter Thomas 'Crossy' Crosse have been documenting their journey at No1 Bootcamp on Elaine's TV3 show, which is being hosted by Sybil Mulcahy while she's away.

Elaine is being put through her paces by some military physical instructors with an impressive past.

"The trainer used to train with William and Harry, so if he's good enough for the princes then he's definitely good enough for me," Elaine said.

"It's great craic and kind of like we're away on a school tour.

Elaine Crowley at the TV3 New Season AW16 launch at The National Concert Hall, Dublin
Elaine Crowley at the TV3 New Season AW16 launch at The National Concert Hall, Dublin

"It's fantastic to be out getting so much fresh air and it kind of feels like you're in some sort of athletic Big Brother house."

Other well-known celebrities who have attended the bootcamp include Spencer Matthews, Ashley Roberts, EastEnders actress Charlie Brooks and former member of The Saturdays, Vanessa White.

The gruelling schedule sees Elaine up at the crack of dawn and exercising throughout the day.

For her, weight loss isn't the main goal - she says she simply wants to feel rested and healthy after the experience and get back into the TV studio re-energised next week.

"They say that what we're doing is the equivalent of a marathon a day," she said.

"You start off with a bit of a warm-up, then spin class and circuits - and that's all before you've had your breakfast.

"It's busy throughout the whole day and then it's lights out at nine and you sleep very well.

"I just want to feel rested and recharged. No pain, no gain."


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