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Cling film is in Vogue as Mrs McFadden reveals slimming secrets


Now we know how Vogue McFadden looks so svelte - and it's all in the packaging.

The gorgeous model has revealed how one body wrap session helped her 'lose inches.'

"I sat on my ass for almost an hour and lost weight, delighted with life," she said.

The Howth native had the procedure at a salon in Dundrum recently and said she "never really believed those sort of things worked."

"I thought I'd give it a go and if anything, my skin would be soft from the oils they used," she said.

The therapist began by scrubbing her down and then rubbing her in oil before wrapping the model in cling film and being left for 50 minutes with a blanket over her. "When it was finished, my skin was so smooth but the most amazing thing was that I'd actually lost inches, I couldn't believe it," she said. "I could wear these wraps everywhere - they suck everything in!"



The top model, who's currently dividing her time between London and Dublin, was back in Ireland this week as she DJ-ed at an event in House on Leeson Street.

This week, she was also named brand ambassador for Marissa Carter's self-tanning range Cocoa Brown.



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