Monday 19 March 2018

A quarter of Irish people wear fake tan when they hit the beach on holidays

Vacation woman in hat relaxing on luxury white sunbed
Vacation woman in hat relaxing on luxury white sunbed
Freya Drohan

Freya Drohan

A survey of Irish people aged between 18-55 reveals the extensive primping and preening we put in before we head abroad.

The survey by revealed that Irish men and women spend up to €150 on pre-holiday beauty preparations in a bid to look like their beach idols Michelle Keegan and Ryan Gosling.

The top three treatments people shell out for are waxing, manicures and pedicures, with over 70% of Irish people visiting the hairdresser or beauty salon before departing.

Thankfully, our attitude towards sun safety seems to be improving with over 75% of those surveyed saying they wear sun cream when on holidays.

As a nation famous for our fair skin, one quarter of respondents admitted to faking it with the aid of false tan.

A quarter of respondents also admitted that they had used a sunbed to get a pre-holiday glow.

Over 80% of women surveyed said they would wear makeup while on holiday, with most saying they only applied it at nighttime.

Less than 10% said they would wear makeup all day every day.

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