Friday 27 April 2018

10 things you can do to get bikini body ready

Anna Burns

It saddens me to think that many women of my age (40s) think their bikini days are over. Quite often they gave up on that dream as soon as they had, either their first baby or, as often, their first sedentary job.

Why do we need to give up on the freedom that a bikini represents; where your flesh is bared; your confidence exhibited; your feel-good factor fabulously evident? Get to grips with the few extra pounds that tends to sit on your belly, bum and thighs. Why? Because this is where, as we sit for a living, we tend to store excess fat. Get moving. Get eating strategically. Get prioritising your bikini bottom. You might be pleasantly surprised at the difference a half stone lost around this area can make to your bikini confidence, in as few as three weeks

When combined with a generous application of self-tan lotion, this effort can work wonders for your self-esteem and motivate you to stay on track for a healthy-eating summer.


1. Water

This is so obvious! Yet, this is something many of us never drink enough of. Every system in your body relies on water. Water does not make you thinner, rather, it stops you confusing thirst with hunger. Drink first, then ask yourself “Am I really hungry?”.

This approach is gobsmackingly simple, yet overlooked constantly. If you work in a air-controlled environment you suffer from dehydration.

Because we are looking for as much movement as possibly in your next three weeks you need to keep getting up to the water dispenser every half hour to drink a cup of water. The hourly trips to the loo on top of these water visits will get your steps per work day up from a measly four thousand to double that (I do these numbers all the time with people in the workplace — believe me when I say it can be this easy).


2. Berries

We need to eat at least three portions of fruit each and every day, for reasons of fibre, nutrients, anti-oxidants, and satisfaction. While tying to lose body fat it will prove much more satisfying to pick at a punnet of berries over the course of an afternoon than consume a quick banana. The beauty of berries is that they are impossibly low in calories yet simultaneously sweet and satisfying and they won’t bloat you.


3. Salad

This is possibly even more obvious than the necessity of drinking water, but again I have to say I see people eating salad sandwiches more than I do salads. We get it wrong quite often. By salad I mean volume. Volume comes best from such ingredients as lettuce, beetroot, cucumber, tomatoes; the main ingredient of which, in all cases, is water. In an entire bag of lettuce you might consume no more than 25 kcal! Eat lettuce. Add to it tomato, beetroot, spring onion, beetroot, cucumber, radish and anything else you can find in the salad section of the supermarket.

What they represent is a high nutrient value; low calorie combination. In all cookbooks, you currently have sitting on shelves at home, lie salad recipes that put the joy into an otherwise bowl of bland. Who knew mint worked with beetroot, or sliced orange with fennel?


4. Nuts

High-calorie as nuts are, they are a great source of essential fat, protein and fibre. Rather that eating rubbery ham, try nuts on a salad. They satisfy like nothing else. Portions, however, must be kept humble at this time. As you become more bikini confident, the quantity of nuts can go from say ten almonds to 20 over the course of a day. Add olive oil to dressings, by the tablespoonful initially, to keep hunger pangs at bay — fat-loss progresses better when essential fats are included in your day.


5. Protein

Add good quality (natural) protein to most meals over the next three weeks to stay satisfied and away from temptation. Add an egg to breakfast or nuts to muesli; have salmon or nuts with your lunch-time salad; have a steak, chicken, lamb or fish for dinner.



1. Alcohol

Three short weeks of abstinence could work calorific wonders. There are 3,500 kcals in a pound of body fat. That can be consumed in six bottles of wine. Over three weeks you might

be surprised to find you regularly consume this amount (think about it!)

Parents have been urged to ensure that celebrations for Junior Cert students are alcohol free

2. Crisps, chips, dips

It is going to be a lot easier to delete these common causes for concern when you cut out your nightly (weekend) tipple and replace with berries and tea or water with ice and lemon (yum!)

3. Snacking

What do we tend to snack on? Carbs! We rarely snack on steak, fish or eggs. We eat far too many portions of carbohydrate when we eat without thinking. While we do run on carbohydrates and need to eat some at each meal, we tend to fill to many gaps with excesses and these excesses get converted to fat. Stop snacking. Stay lean.


4. Protein bars and shakes

What amazes me is how few people I meet know that eating protein bars and shakes make them fat. Calories of any nature, when eaten to excess add to your body weight. You do not need protein bars or shakes; not unless you are a body builder, or about to play rugby for your country!

5. Diet foods

Where do I start? Additives, flavourings, emulsifiers, preservatives; these on a label are where we start to lose nutrient value and gain empty calories. Keep away from all processed foods for the next three weeks to trim down, even if the product they come in has the magical word 'diet ' on the cover. Especially so!

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