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Bobbi Brown: Make-up boosts women


Bobbi Brown believes make-up helps women "be at their best".

The cosmetics specialist has her eponymous range of beauty products and is the author of eight books about her area of expertise.

Even though her job is to highlight women's looks, she advises them to try natural methods to keep their skin fresh.

“I like to teach women that eating the right food and living well are the important things. But make-up is good for fixing those little things and helping us be at our best - as a mom or wife or trying to get that seat in the boardroom," she explained to British newspaper the Evening Standard.

"I don’t think there is anything trivial about how we put ourselves out there in the world... Everyone feels better when they look their best."

Bobbi uses her skills on models for various fashion shows. However, when away from the runway she steers clears of the beauty trends as she doesn't think they are flattering.

"[They look] ugly on real women. I never warmed to nude lips - they make most of us look like a corpse," she complained. "[I refuse to make whitening products for dark skins] because it signals that there is something wrong with the original skin tone and there isn’t."

The brunette artist, who dyes her hair "otherwise it would be entirely white", launched her brand in the early '90s. Over the years she has learnt that the way she dresses is just as important as her make-up as she believes it determines how people regard her.

“I used to be into the whole power-suit thing. But I long ago learned to grow into a management style that is closer to my character,” she explained. “You look into someone’s eyes and see if the connection is there.”

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