Friday 23 March 2018

Best supermarket face masks

Aldi dead sea mud mask.
Aldi dead sea mud mask.

Sinead Van Kampen

If you're tight on time and need a skin fix that won't break the bank, the last place you'd probably think to head to is the local supermarket, but it could well be the answer to your beauty prayers.

Supermarket cosmetics are widely acknowledged to have come a long way in recent times, and even the least cash-conscious of us can get a beauty fix from the nearest supermarket. We thought it might be time to claim back those reward points.

All aboard at Aldi

The Aldi Dead Sea Mud Mask is excellent. A poultice for spots, blackheads and skin impurities, you don't have to go all the way to far flung shores to get your beauty fix.

The sea mask has a rough, rustic feel and once applied the mask tightens, dries and rinses extremely well. At €3.99 for four treatments, the Dead Sea Mask is pretty much watertight, and as the clay works as a natural exfoliator, it leaves tired skin feeling extremely soft after use.

Excellent for skin hydration, excellent for price, but might need work on the scent!

Wise up at Tesco

Smelling slightly sweeter than mud from the Dead Sea is the Skin Wisdom Fruit Mask from Tesco.

Aiming to promote skin radiance by gently drawing away the skin's impurities, the mask glides on easily enough, but perhaps as a downside takes a little time.

The label says 25 minutes, but if your skin is a little on the delicate side you may need to call the peel a little early, if you want the fruity goodness without the dryness.

The mask is excellent value at €1.59, so you should also have plenty left in the basket to add a bar or two of something less like fruit and more like chocolate.

Quick pampering from Lidl

The gentler skin types amongst you might look to Lidl for your next bout of pampering. Their moisture rich face mask is formulated especially for sensitive skin.

Perfect for quick repairs or a full-blown bout of DIY skin rescue, the mask is based on an Aloe Vera formula. With 60 per cent pure Aloe Vera content, this mask is perfect if you suffer from sensitive skin or the odd flare up. With no tightening, drying or cracking the creamy green mask is designed to lock moisturise and nourish the skin in three minutes flat. It left my skin feeling calm and hydrated. And at €2.59 for a 75ml tube the price is good, but even better is the speed at which it goes to work.

If you're cash rich but time poor, three minutes isn't too much to give for skin salvation, and this is a mask you can reach for again and again. Well worth the money.

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