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Thursday 17 October 2019

Because you're worth it - 12 ways to pamper yourself this month

Freya Drohan

Feeling uptight, stressed and lacklustre? The Dawson Spa have a solution. Their Seaweed wrap, which uses products from Irish label VOYA, is a total body treatment that aims to simultaneously brighten and revive tired skin while allowing you to relax as you're massaged from tip to toe while lying in a heated bed. You can even take some seaweed home with you to recreate the experience in your own bath, reaping the many benefits that seaweed has to offer.
Music to the ears of busy women, bodycare brand Dove is aiming to speed up time spent in the shower. Dove has launched a dual wash and exfoliator - meaning you will get the benefits of a rich cleanser with a gentle scrub - replacing the need for a harsh and abrasive product that strips skin of its natural moisture. €3.59, nationwide
No matter how hectic life gets, finding just sixty seconds to salvage our damaged hair is something that we can all squeeze in. That's what Pantene's new 1 Minute Wonder Ampoules are promising. Healthier locks in the time it takes to boil the kettle? We're sold. €6.19, nationwide
Officially labelled Ireland's "Best Nail Salon" at the Image Magazine Beauty Awards, Mink Hand and Foot Spa continues to impressive with its innovative luxe treatments and impressive service. From the 'Brightening Thermal Wrap Manicure' to the 'Bamboo Purifying Pedicure' - guests will be left pampered, relaxed and rejuvenated. And we're not even talking about the effects of the glass of Prosecco or herbal tea.
Give the skin the TLC it deserves by slathering on a generous amount of Olay Regenerist's new formula, which is boosted with Skin Energising Technology. The iconic brand's latest offering helps fight the look of fatigue while re-energising skin’s appearance. The result? Visibly firmer, younger looking skin. €37.39, nationwide
When it comes to dealing with skin problems or conditions - we often fail to target what the real issue is. And sometimes, an expensive product or topical facial does little to nothing to get to target the real issue. Skin Specialist Emma Ryall believes that there is a skin peel out there to solve every concern from acne and pigmentation to Rosacea and premature ageing. "To really gain results and maintain healthy skin you should have a course of six treatments over the course of a few months."
My pores and blackheads will forever be the bane of my life. Thankfully, beauty brands have myself and fellow sufferers of chronically clogged skin covered. Essence's pureskin purifying nose strips will set you back less than the cost of an ice-cream - and will be far more useful in the coming months. Apply to a dampened nose to absorb excess sebum and help purge those pesky blackheads. Impurities be gone! €1.89, nationwide
We're a fickle bunch when it comes to cleansers - first we flirt with micellar waters, before making way for hot balms and cloths. Before you know it we've moved on and embraced oil cleansers. However, this luxurious cleansing milk from Nimue could win us over altogether. Its creamy consistency and delicate texture is the perfect pampering product for tired skin and it effectively removes traces of makeup, pollutants and grime while leaving our faces soft, fresh and moisturised. €44.75,
Is your routine a constant battle with the straighteners and hair tongs? Allow us to introduce you to the groundbreaking 'Kebelo' hair smoothing system. The treatment will tame thick, unruly hair and leave it with a silky and shiny finish for three months. I had the smoothing system applied to my previously uncontrollable and unpredictable barnet over two months ago and couldn't be more impressed with the results - it even sorted out my lifelong 'cow's lick'. Prices from €200, Dylan Bradshaw Salon
One area of our bodies we tend to neglect (despite the fact they're often the most abused by our daily pounding of the pavements) is our feet. Step forward, Scholl’s new Express Pedi with Diamond Crystals which will help sort out cracked and dry heels in time for sandal season. The electrical hard skin remover uses a self-rotating diamond crystal roller head to effectively buff away hard skin and callouses - leaving you with a noticeable spring in your step. €49.99, nationwide
When I was 12 years old and on the eve of a school sports day, my mum refused to let me shave my legs. She insisted that I would always opt to wax them, to avoid the hair growing back thicker and darker. I cursed her then as I experienced the pain of my first leg wax - but I have thanked her ever since. Imagine my delight when in my mid teens I discovered that hair removal creams were a pain-free and easy way to ensure that the folicles continue to grow back finer and less noticeable. This new offering from Veet is enriched with shea butter to ensure that your pins are left simultaneously smooth and moisturised. €6.99, nationwide
Heading off on your holidays or have a big event coming up? Ask your local beautician or salon if they would consider doing you a deal on a pampering package - most outlets will be happy to oblige. Christoph Eye Couture in the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre is currently offering a 'Beauty Blitz' deal for customers. The package includes lash extensions, brow styling and a shellac 3 week manicure all under one roof for €125 - saving you money and time.

Go on, go on, go on: sure if you don't treat yourself, who will? Whether it's a one minute intensive hair mask or an afternoon at a spa, it's important to treat yourself to some TLC every now and again.

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