Monday 20 November 2017

Beauty... Triona McCarthy goes CO-ED

Grow Gorgeous
Grow Gorgeous
Swan-like neck: Erin O'Connor
Gillette's new Venus Snap Razor with Embrace
Tom Ford's Fleur de Portofino
Ojon's Cleansing Conditioner

Triona McCarthy

This week our very own beauty buff is banging on about beauty tricks for techie chicks, turkey-neck treatments, getting Naked with Urban Decay and Tom Ford's cheeky butts!

Triona's trends

I've kind of gone right off dry shampoo ever since Kate Moss told me she always prefers freshly washed hair, as "clean hair is a must". I also feel a lot better after a quick shower, anyway. You're fresh. You're clean. So fresh and so clean, clean. You're totally singing that OutKast song in your head now, aren't you?!

So yeah, I try to do the whole hair-in-a-shower-cap thing, but invariably it gets a bit wet, and then looks a bit flat and ugh, and dry shampoo can feel a bit, I don't know, seedy or something!

However, washing hair every day isn't good for hair either, so I've been 'co-washing' as it's called, otherwise known as skipping shampoo and heading straight to conditioner.

"What the hell?" you're probably thinking, but, when you think about it, it's a gentle way of cleansing, as there are no harsh detergents.

Top Tip: Co-washing is ideal for curly-haired cailins as the oils secreted by the scalp can find it hard to make their way down wavy hair shafts, leading to dry, frizzy hair.

Now there's no reason why you couldn't try co-washing with your usual conditioner, but products specifically for this are preferable, as these conditioners contain little or none of the chemicals that often leave hair dry, brittle or damaged.

Ojon's Cleansing Conditioner, below left, €8, is perfect for hair that just needs a gentle cleanse. It gently lathers up to eliminate impurities while leaving my hair feeling super-soft and nourished. It's great when you're in a hurry. It contains coconut oil to soften, de-tangle and boost shine and has no nasties in it.

Grow Gorgeous has co-washes from €26.99 for coloured hair, especially for brunettes and blondes. The makers use prismatic technology to reflect light more effectively, and so work best on dyed hair.

Triona's trick

I have no selfie control! I'm one of those public displayers of private behaviour on Twitter, Instagram etc, see 3namc. So I'm always on my iPhone - I even use it instead of a compact when I'm applying lipstick. I hate unnecessary apps such as mirror apps - just open your camera! The fastest way is to open the camera icon, then tap the icon in the top right corner to switch to the front camera. Hello, it's you!

Cheeky butts

Fleur de Portofino, from €178, is the latest addition to Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino Collection, which I go cray-cray for at this time of the year.

The enticing blend of Sicilian lemon, white acacia, jasmine, and honey is "inspired by the cascades of flowers that spill off the branches of the white acacia trees that line the tranquil avenues," says Mr Ford.

Basically, is smells like summer in a bottle, a very sexy, luxe summer, in a superb location, so a bit more Costa Del Schull than Costa Del Sol!

It's the perfect summer perfume and my newfound favourite.

Of course, Mr Ford's products are also awfully appealing because they just look so damn good. This collection is distinguished by their turquoise glass bottles, so swanky for showing off with. The cheeky campaign for its recent launch tickled my pickle, as it appears to have a model's backside on display.

Mr Ford has turned his attention to the booty - the must have 'ass'-cessory this season - the ad campaign features a row of sun-kissed behinds, which looks a bit, um, cheeky.

Sex sells, I suppose!

Tech neck check

I'm obsessed with my saggy neck, probably brought on by my constant use of my iPhone - see Triona's Trick, left.

I long for a swan-like neck, like Erin O'Connor, right, so a trip to Peggy Stringer, head clinician at Monkstown Laser Skin Clinic, for a treatment called Pelleve, €250 per treatment, is needed.

Pelleve heats the deep layers of the skin using advanced radio-wave technology, without damaging the epidermis. The heat causes collagen to contract and tighten, so afterwards, it's claimed, the skin will start to produce new collagen and will look and feel tighter and firmer.

Best of all, Pelleve is fast and pain-free with no down-time.

Monkstown Laser Skin Clinic, 24 The Crescent, Monkstown, Co Dublin, tel: (01) 284-4431, or see Monkstown

Triona's most wanted

Beauty junkies like me are always on the look out for their next hit, and I've literally been hopping from foot to foot with The Excitement, waiting for the brand-new Urban Decay Naked palette, €39, from Debenhams and House of Fraser.

So beauty junkies of Ireland, may I present to you - deep breaths, now -the Naked Smoky, the perfect palette for pimping up your peepers, smoky style.

Actually, let's stop for a sec; can somebody pass me a paper bag? I think I'm actually ha-ha-ha hyperventilating!

OK, where was I? Oh yes, sorry, the newest addition to the Naked family lands on counters in Ireland about mid-July - but I got my hands on the very first palette to come into Ireland for a recent Xpose slot and let me tell you, it's everything I dreamed it would be.

It's like palette porn!

There are nine new shades and three exclusive ones.

All the matte shades are on one end and the shimmers on the opposite side, going from lightest to darkest - you can see them in the photo, below.

Then there's the perfect double-ended brush.

I posted a photo of the palette on my Instagram account and beauty junkies everywhere went wild! Not surprising, as previous Naked palette launches have seen waiting lists and queues to get into stores on the day of the launch, resulting in launch-day sell out!

You've been warned!

Cult product

I never check a bag in when I'm travelling, so I love a space-saving gizmo like Gillette's cute new Venus Snap Razor with Embrace, €13.49, their first-ever portable razor.

Designed for instant smoothness on the go, it's the perfect product for anyone with a busy, active lifestyle. The portable compact fits conveniently in your gym bag, travel bag or desk drawer, for fast and easy fuzz removal.

So with this beauty, I've eliminated shaving foam and shrunk my razor. Wet the razor to activate the Ribbon of Moisture, and you are ready to go, because body hair never takes a day off!

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