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Beauty: Triona McCarthy gets a... Blush rush

Triona McCarthy's love of blusher is legendary. Photo: Tony Gavin
Triona McCarthy's love of blusher is legendary. Photo: Tony Gavin
Max Factor miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Copper
Unite Smooth & Shine Styling Cream
Clinique Skinny Stick eye liner
Murad's Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30
A-Lister: Cara Delevingne
IsaDora's Face Sculptor palette

Triona McCarthy

Learn how to create amazing cheekbones with our blushing beauty expert who also has all the latest top tips and tricks

Triona's trends

My love of blusher is legendary. Nothing makes me look healthier or more awake. Since I've got older though, I prefer a cream blush to a powder one, as powder-based products can lead to dehydration lines.

Cream blushers such as Max Factor miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Copper,  €9.99, can be used across the brow bone, high on the apple of the cheeks and even blotted over the lips to add delicate warmth and colour. For that 'no make-up make-up' look that most models I know do, just use a cream blusher layered onto a light BB cream, and add a bit of mascara.

Or try Colour of Youth Healthy, Happy Lip & Cheek Glow, €55, from Charlotte Tilbury's and Norman Parkinson's collab. As with all the products in The Norman Parkinson Collection, it contains an image from the photographer's career. This one bears an image from May 1956 of his wife and muse, Wenda. The lightweight, creamy cheek and lip colour hydrates the skin, while the microfine pigments ensure high colour performance and a long-lasting finish.

Finally, IsaDora's Face Sculptor palette, €25.50, is my go-to product for blush and contouring. The matt bronzer creates depth when I use it below my cheekbones and along my chin, on the sides of my nose, jawline and hairline; while the highlighter illuminates and enhances when I use it above the cheekbones, on my forehead, along the brow bone and down the bridge of my nose. But it's the blush bronzer in Warm Peach, a soft coral hue, that really makes everything just pop!

Triona's trick

Maxi, my two-year-old, hates going to bed - a bit like his mum, actually! So we have this whole routine in the evening now where we go and brush our teeth, and wash our faces and hands, and brush our hair into crazy mohawks and guess what - brushing my teeth earlier makes me not want to snack after he's gone to bed, and cleaning my face earlier is great for my skin as well. #winwin

Tame that sexy mane

While most men are looking for hair-thickening products, my man Will is always on the hunt for hair-thinning products!

He has the thickest . . . head of hair you've ever seen in your life. He has enough hair on his head for four fellas. So he's very fussy altogether when it comes to what he uses on it.

Now I get loads of products to try, but do you think any of those would make him and his hair happy? Not at all! No, up until recently, we had to buy this Unite Smooth & Shine Styling Cream, in from the UK. Yes, I know, but this is the only thing that seems to tame his sexy mane! So I was delighted to discover it's now available from Dylan Bradshaw, in South William St, D2, for €40. See

There's argan oil in it, which really softens his unruly strands, leaving his hair with a great shine, while also protecting it from UV rays and heat stylers, if you're into that.

Will simply pops it through clean, damp strands, or adds a bit to dry ends for a smoothing touch-up. It's a unisex product, so I sometimes use some of his precious cream on my hair as well, with no complaints!

Shot in the arm

I popped in to Venus Medical in Dundrum recently to try a Reviv Wellness Drip Experience - the kind beloved of A-listers such as Cara D. I was a bit cynical about trying one of the intravenous hydration and vitamin therapies, developed to alleviate a range of acute and chronic lifestyle conditions including tiredness and lack of concentration, all while improving the appearance of skin, hair and nails.

So I was taken aback when I could almost feel it working almost straight away. My skin, hair - and even my nails! -looked better.

Reviv Wellness Drip Experience from €199, exclusively at Venus Medical, Dundrum, see

Triona's most wanted

Sometimes I really wish I was invisible, I really do. Like today, when I had a bad mix-up at my local shop. The cashier said, "strip down, facing me". Apparently he meant my credit card! Hahahaha!

Speaking of invisibility, Murad's Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30, €69.50, has to be, em, seen to be believed.

The texture is almost unbelievable, and not only is it an amazing primer that blurs imperfections, but it contains invisible sunscreen technology to protect from UVB and UVA rays with SPF 30.

That's not all - it also contains shiitake mushroom peptides to stimulate collagen production, while clever ingredients like barley help lock in moisture for optimal hydration.

It definitely makes my skin appear more even-toned and smooth, and my foundation goes on beautifully on top.

Best of all are the long-term anti-ageing and skin benefits.

Cult product

Caitlyn Jenner might be transgender, but I'm transfat . . . yeah, I'm a skinny person trapped in a chubby person's body! Hee hee!

I've been all about the Clinique Chubby Sticks for lips, eyes, cheeks, and now they've only gone and brought out a skinny range, the Clinique Skinny Stick eye liner, €19.50.

This tiny pencil performs perfectly along the lash line, getting right into the lashes to create the appearance of fuller lashes when I use the black shade, 01 Slimming Black. Then, to light up my eyes, I use 05 Skinny Jeans, a glittery blue colour, or 12 Mini Moss, which is a limited-edition sparkly khaki.

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