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Beauty: Think pink and get in the mood for love


Triona McCarthy is in the pink this week

Triona McCarthy is in the pink this week

YSL's limited edition collection of pink colours

YSL's limited edition collection of pink colours

MAC's An Amorous Adventure

MAC's An Amorous Adventure

Triona's glowing like Gisele Bundchen thanks to Muse

Triona's glowing like Gisele Bundchen thanks to Muse

Ghost Eclipse smells of summer

Ghost Eclipse smells of summer

The InStyler will tame your tresses

The InStyler will tame your tresses

The Belkin WeMo Switch can be turned off using your smartphone

The Belkin WeMo Switch can be turned off using your smartphone


Triona McCarthy is in the pink this week

Love is in the air, in my hair and even on the jumper I'm wearing in my photo today. Forget all that Fifty Shades S&M stuff - instead, think pink, softness and romance for the new season with the prettiest of palettes and polishes in the new collections.

Mac's newest colour collection, called 'A Novel Romance,' is "teeming with luscious shades that will have you overwhelmed with desire". But of course! There are three eyeshadow palettes, including An Amorous Adventure, below, €40, which has shades from a soft sea-green, to a plummy brown and gold, to a velvety black; while the lipsticks, €19.50, range from shimmery nudes to Lingering Kiss, a deep plum. Talk Sexy, the Lipglass gloss, €22, will make you do just that!

After black, Yves Saint Laurent's favourite colour was pink; on YSL counters at the mo, you can find a limited-edition collection of pink products, left. The classic Touche Eclat highlighter pen, €35, is now in rose-gold packaging.

There's also a Rose Gold Primer, €40, and Rose Gold Face Powder, €44.50, for a loved-up glow. To complete the collection, there's a rich cerise blush compact, and a pink-toned blush brush, both €40.

Not forgetting nails: Jessica Nail Colour Sheer Romance Collection, €11.95, has colours like Pink Crush, a sugary-pink nail polish to, ah, nail the trend.

If you fancy a fling with a new hair colour, check out Wella's Instamatic service, available in Wella Professionals salons nationwide. It takes just five minutes for a new hue, similar to the funky shades Kelly Osbourne often rocks.

The semi-permanent colour fades gradually and washes out easily. There are six Instamatic shades; Pink Dream is a perfect pastel, while Smokey Amethyst gives a trendy tonal effect.


I have the tickliest tootsies ever and almost gave up going for pedis because, instead of relaxing and getting my feet into tip-top shape, I wriggled and giggled like a big baby.

I finally discovered an oh-so-simple cure. Simply wrap your hands around your leg right beneath the knee as if you're choking it, and be tickled pink no more!


DIY hair has never really been my strong point.

My attempts at natural beach waves have often resulted in a Shirley Temple-type bob, while my visions of 'straight and sleek' have been known to resemble something from horror flick, The Ring.

One time, I even pulled out my velcro rollers in such a rush, that I never realised I had one clinging to the back of my dress for the night. Not one of my better looks!

That's why I'm delighted to finally have gotten my hands on this little beauty, which does all the hard work for me, and doesn't even whinge about it!

The InStyler, left, €120, from greatlengthsireland.com, is a rotating hot iron that curls and straightens even the coarsest, thickest hair, and is oh-so easy to use! Seriously, all I have to do is wrap my hair around the rotating, polishing cylinder, and the InStyler takes it from there.

In less then fifteen minutes, my roots have such fabulous body they actually tell me they think they're Elle Macpherson!


I LOVE Schull in west Cork, and was down there recently while the regatta was on. My friend James Brown came too, along with Jackie Collins - they both agreed that my home place is like the Irish Riveria, dahling!

Back in Dublin, I'm clinging on to every last bit of summer that I can, by smelling like it at least! I just can't get enough of Ghost Eclipse, right, €48. It's the perfect end-of-summer fragrance. Light and fruity, fresh and flowery, but not too sweet, with notes of bergamot, marigold and lotus flower that instantly brighten up my mood, while the endless fruity bursts of lemon, blackcurrant, mandarin, apple and peach ensure that I'm still getting all of my five-a-day, even if they are not in season!


I'm moving like a rockstar, shaking like a . . . oh, you know the rest! But yeah, I really am strutting my stuff like bronzed babe and yummy mummy Gisele Bundchen, left, and it's all thanks to The Muse in Ranelagh, where I recently got bronzed up using their Irish, award-winning Rockstar Tan.

I arrived looking pasty, pale and feeling pooped, as only a pregnant mum during a warm-weathered racing season would. My mood was instantly lifted by the serene surroundings and Carol, the super-friendly proprietor, who is a multi-tasking tanner, wondrous waxer and bubbly beautician in her very busy, buzzy place.

Carol immediately made me feel relaxed as she turned me from milk-bottle bleak to rock-goddess chic in no time at all. Carol chose the perfect shade for my skin and the result was even and not too dark - perfect for a day at the races where the daytime glare leaves everybody at its mercy.

Definitely worth the visit, if not for the top-notch service, then for the delicious coffee and tranquil surroundings alone.

The Muse is located on Anna Villa, close to McSorleys in the heart of Ranelagh, D6.

Call Carol on (086) 378-2375 or see the-muse-ranelagh.com


Des Bishop might have had a skit about the immersion being left on, but my version involves leaving my hair straighteners plugged in!

Then I discovered the Belkin WeMo Switch, right, €49.99, from Harvey Norman. It's a socket that you plug your appliances into and then you can turn them on and off from your smartphone, wherever you are. I downloaded the WeMo app, and it tells me if I have left my curlers or straighteners on, and lets me switch the appliance off remotely, using my iPhone.

You can also use it for lamps, electric blankets and such like.


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