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Beauty: The SPF breed - how to look good in the sun


Triona McCarthy - advice on how to look 'hawt' in the sun.  Photo: Gerry Mooney.

Triona McCarthy - advice on how to look 'hawt' in the sun. Photo: Gerry Mooney.







Tom Ford

Tom Ford

Ambre baby

Ambre baby

Ambre Solaire

Ambre Solaire



Rita Ora rocking the shiny red nails look.

Rita Ora rocking the shiny red nails look.


Triona McCarthy - advice on how to look 'hawt' in the sun. Photo: Gerry Mooney.

Want to smell good, look good and feel fantastic? Well, here's how to do it with beauty expert, Triona McCarthy, who shows us her weekly round-up of lotions and potions to keep you looking hawt in the sun!

Triona's trends

Growing up in west Cork in the Eighties, it was all about highlighted hair. Sure, I was born with dark brown hair, but that didn't stop me using my best friend Mary O'Mahony's Sun-In. We even mixed it with lemon juice, for a beautifully burnt scalp! We know better now, don't we?

Are you protecting your hair while having fun in the sun? While UVB rays can make hair brittle, UVA rays dull colour. Bleached hair is particularly at risk. Without protection, it can turn yellow!

After spending time poolside or at the beach, gently care for your hair with Revlon Professional Interactives After Sun Hydra Shampoo and After Sun Hydra Balm, both €12, to remove the residue of salt, sand and chlorine.

The Hydra Capture system moisturises the hair at its core, and gives it natural softness and shine.

I love multi-purpose products, so Aveda's Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser, right, €21, helps maintain your colour, while gently removing chlorine, salt and product build-up.

Clarins multi-use Sun Care Oil Spray SPF 30, left, €28, is protection for your hair and body in one bottle.

And Aveda's Sun Care Protective Hair Veil is a must-have as it is a waterproof spray that works for 16 hours straight, blocking UVA/UVB rays – no reapplication required!

Finally, Phyto Phytoplage L'originale Protective Sun Oil, €18, really strengthens and repairs hair that has been weakened by sun exposure, chlorine, wind and sand.

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Triona's trick

It's all about the right hattitude if you want smooth hair.

As regular readers will know, I have very badly behaved hair. A great way to tame it is to apply some hair oil, like argan or coconut, through the lengths and ends while it's damp. Then I pop on a hat, like my beloved beanie, and leave it to air-dry.

Looking sexy

I'm a real sucker for pricey-looking packaging, like this Tom Ford limited-edition Summer Colour Collection Eye and Cheek Palette, right, €82. The thing about Tom Ford is the products are always good.

This all-in-one compact contains three eye shadows and two cheek colours featuring the sumptuous Tom Ford formulas.

Neutral shadows with the light rose blush give a gorgeous vibrancy, while the cobalt blue eye shadow and the coral blush are very dramatic.

Perfect for a sexy look.

Here comes the sun

I turn into a total laze balls in the sun, and the effort required to apply sun cream can nearly kill me. I hate messy, sticky formulations, so I'm all about spray protection. Just spray and go. It really is that simple!

Garnier Ambre Solaire has a few new products this year that have ticked all the boxes for me and my family.

There's the Garnier Ambre Solaire Wet Skin, €21.95, which is perfect for my fair-skinned, action-man boyfriend, Will, as it's a waterproof SPF.

It can be applied directly to wet skin and comes in factor 10, 20 and 30.

I really like the Garnier Ambre Solaire Dry Mist, left, €22.99, formulated with innovative "shaka-shaka" technology using a formulation of mattifying powders, and UVA and UVB filters in the lightest possible formula.

This dry, non-oily spray needs to be shaken up before being applied. It melts right into my skin without any rubbing.

Finally, my one-year-old, Maxim, gets the Garnier Ambre Solaire Baby in the Shade treatment, right, €10.79, their sun care product specifically designed for babies.

It was tested to protect baby's delicate skin from as young as six months old.

TIP: Remember those often-forgotten areas, such as ears and feet – they can burn, too, you know!

Cult product

I'm going wild for Cartier's new La Panthere Eau de Parfum, right, from €60. I reckon it's cause I'm a Leo that I'm so drawn to it, with its gold, luxurious flacon featuring a feline face.

It just screams glamour and great taste!

The feline-floral fragrance is a fusion of delicate gardenia with sensual musky notes. Mathilde Laurent, Cartier's in-house perfumer, chose gardenia as the central accord for its sensuality and delicate fragrance, interpreting the female panther's exquisiteness and femininity.

The base notes of sensual musk are a reminder of the panther's wild side.


Triona's most wanted

If you're feeling blue, my advice is to paint yourself another colour. Seriously!

Ten bright, shiny red nails – like Rita Ora is rocking –have often dramatically lifted my mood .

Especially when I get them done with Karla, the kwickest manicure magician at the Shavata counter at Harvey Nichols in Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin.

When I get my two-week Artistic Gloss Manicure, Karla has me in and out in half an hour.

Karla is also a trainer for Artistic, so her expertise, skill and knowledge will have you – and everyone else – admiring your nails for weeks.

I always make sure to pop over to Rachana, the brow expert, for a quick tidy up as well.

For designer digits, tel: (01) 291-0409

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