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Beauty: See the light... with Triona McCarthy

From highlighter to hair treatments, Triona McCarthy picks the best bits. Photo: Tony Gavin.
From highlighter to hair treatments, Triona McCarthy picks the best bits. Photo: Tony Gavin.
Great hair: Gwyneth Paltrow. Photo: Getty
Charlotte Tilbury Double Cube Pencil Sharpener.
Limited-edition Pippa for Blank Canvas palette.
Flormar Terracotta Powder in Dual Gold
NYX's Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator
L'Occitane's Bienvenue clensing hand gel.

Triona McCarthy

As she contemplates expanding the family, our beauty buff has hand-picked the best beauty bits from highlighter to hair treatments

Triona's trends

Subtle make-up, as seen on the autumn/winter 15 catwalks, is a thing that I'm McLovin right now. And strobing is the new buzzword in beauty. As I explained a while back, it just means highlighting. We've done subtle eyes, lips, and so on - now it's time for some 'skin finishing', as it's also known.

To achieve this fancy-pants strobing effect, try Flormar Terracotta Powder in Dual Gold,, €12.95. Contour your cheekbones first with one side, and then finish with a light sheen using the other side.

NYX's Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator,  €9.49, is also a great product for strobes of light that give you a soft-focus, dewy glow. Use it around the lips, the top of cheeks and on the decolletage.

I adore the limited-edition Pippa for Blank Canvas palette, €39.99, from model mum and leading beauty and style blogger, Pippa O'Connor. Not only does it feature eyeshadows and a blush, but it also has a really great highlighter and a contour powder, to get the look we're talking about today.

My favourite new find is the Makeup Bullet HiDef Cosmetic Finger Sponge, €24.99 for a pack of three, see The sponge, which resembles a foam bullet, transforms my finger into the perfect blending tool! It blends in my contouring and highlighting products, smudges kohl pencil, softens eyeshadow, and blends in concealer. I love it.

Triona's trick

Have you ever bought a perfume, then got home and realised it's way too strong for real life and you absolutely hate it? I know I have, and even my kids go "Eeeeew - pooh!"

Time to break out the vodka - but don't drink it; add it to the perfume to make it milder without losing its actual fragrance, so normal activity can resume around the house!

Handy number

Where we live was supposed to be Will's 'bachelor pad'. He thought he'd have a queue of women in one door and out the other - but, yeah, that didn't work out so well for him. He met me just as he got planning permission, and I was preggers by the time we moved in, so the string of women consists of me; Margaret, his mother-in-law; his daughter, Seren; and my sisters.

So the one-bed, open-plan man-cave is now a family home and we've had to extend, so at the mo it's builders-bum central and very dusty! I've been spraying L'Occitane's Bienvenue home fragrance, €22, around the place, as it's lovely and citrusy, and I'm washing my dusty digits with the scentsational hand cleansing gel, €21, then moisturising my parched paws with the hand lotion, €24.50, as I wonder how the hell in four years I've become a home-loving, loved up mum-of-two expanding her house - and, hopefully, her family!

Hair we go!

"Wow, your hair looks great, like really great - what have you done, extensions? Have you extensions?!" A beauty editor, who's notoriously difficult to impress, definitely noticed a difference in my hair after I'd been to Dylan Bradshaw to try out their new Rahua collection of all-natural hair-care products, which Gwynnie, right - who has great hair - loves.

I had the 15-minute in-salon revitalising treatment, €35. I was amazed by how it worked so quickly, and now I'm using the shampoo and conditioner at home, and hiding it from the Gingineer and his big barnet!

Dylan Bradshaw, 52 South William St, D2, tel (01) 671-9353, or see

Triona's most wanted

I get a little obsessed with things. OK, a lot. A little, a lot. A lottle? Anyhoo, do you remember when I was all about lips? We had lip-print tops and a lip ring and a lip bag. Then we had eyes, so I had eye rings and eye earrings, and then I got over that and it was star central, and then I was into polka dots and stripes.

Actually, the stripes are still going strong! I never met a stripe I didn't like!

So I thought I was well over the lips thang, and then I saw this YSL Kiss and Love Collector Palette, €85, and I was in there like swimwear for it.

This travel-friendly, notebook-like palette features four eyeshadow colours, two lip colours and one peachy-pinky blush. Of course, there's a Touche Eclat decked out in the same design and some lipsticks as well, but it's the palette that has me obsessed - it's a perfect pressie. Did somebody say Christmas?!

Available exclusively at Brown Thomas Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway from this month, and from Yves Saint Laurent beauty counters from November 5.

Cult product

Buy this Charlotte Tilbury Double Cube Pencil Sharpener, €7, now, and thank me later, when you have perfectly sharpened eye and lip pencils and have avoided tipping out the contents of your child's pencil case, in the hope you might find something that'll do the job.

If you sharpen cosmetic pencils using a regular pencil sharpener, you won't have much success, but this works on both big and small pencils. #you'rewelcome

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