Tuesday 17 July 2018

Beauty: Morning Glory... and a teeny, tiny waist

Triona McCarthy has tips on having your skin looking its best, first thing. Photo: Gerry Mooney.
Triona McCarthy has tips on having your skin looking its best, first thing. Photo: Gerry Mooney.

Get maximum results with minimum effort first thing, says our beauty buff, who has all the top tips, as well as the lowdown on how to achieve a teeny-tiny waist

Triona's trends

As I've said before, I'm all about making mornings easier in my house, especially with two children under two. Late nights and early mornings are hard going on the skin. However, I've just been trialling two new products that are specifically for morning time and I've had unbelievable results, if I say so myself!

First up is Elizabeth Arden's new Superstart Skin Renewal Booster, €60. The clever cream boosts the overall effectiveness of my skincare regime, as it's designed to be used after cleansing, but before layering a more targeted product on top. It boosts my skin's collagen, elastin and hydration levels, while also directly supporting the surface of the skin by reinforcing the integrity of the skin barrier.

If you're a huge fan of Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil, as I am, then you're going to go gaga for their new Daily Reviving Concentrate, €42.50, the brand's latest skincare offering and the perfect daytime partner to their night-time magic potion.

You might think an oil in the morning would be a bit heavy, but be prepared to be amazed with this. Not only does it remove signs of fatigue from the night before, the gloriously scented elixir is non-greasy and it absorbs instantly.

Together, these beauty superheros help me go from a Scummy Mummy to Yummy Mummy!

Triona's trick

There's nothing worse than a limp-looking . . . ponytail!

It's nearly as bad as the other thing you thought I was going to say there!

I'm on to you!

To perk up a droopy ponytail, spray dry shampoo midway down the tail to give it more body, then fluff it up with your fingers and set with a little hairspray.

God's gift

I seem to have new nieces and nephews popping up everywhere these days! My brother Gavin and his lovely wife Lynn are expecting their first baby this Christmas.

Suggesting baby names is my favourite part of pregnancy. However, they've decided they're not finding out the sex of the baby until the birth, so I recommended a few unisex names like North, August or Jordan, which work for a boy or a girl.

Guys and girls should check out this unisex Bella Freud Ginsberg is God perfume, €115, from seagreen.ie.

The heady scent, which inspires serenity, is a mix of black pepper and spicy elemi essential oil, infused with sacred woods and resins that act as the scents that are used for temples and gods. If you're looking for a heavier scent for the new season, then this fragrance might just be the one.

Crystal clear

I reckon if we got all the world leaders to try the Powerscourt Signature Crystal Experience, from €145, then the world would be a better place - more calm, serene and peace would reign supreme!

I bet the very chic Emma Willis would just adore the treatment, which rebalances the body and eases muscular tension.

It starts with a purifying salt and oil scrub to leave the skin smooth and silky soft, followed by a massage using a combination of individually chosen essential oils and jade crystals to relax tired and aching muscles.

It finishes up with a therapeutic scalp massage using cool rose quartz crystals.


Espa at Powerscourt Hotel, Powerscourt Estate, Enniskerry, Co Wicklow,

tel: (01) 274-9710, or see

powerscourt hotel.com

Triona's most wanted

Ever since Kim Kardashian posted an Instagram of herself in the gym wearing a waist trainer, #waisttraining has become a thing.

Worn under your clothes for at least four-to-eight hours a day, the latex-backed material maintains a super-tight hold, which, it's claimed, increases your thermal body temperature, meaning that weight loss is accelerated through heat and compression, as you go about your day.

It was my Midday playmate Elaine Crowley who turned me on to them and so I got mine from celebritywaisttrainers.com, an Irish-based company.

It really helps hold me in and sculpt a shapelier hourglass figure, and I find that the pressure on my stomach area makes me not want to over-eat.

I also notice my posture is much better from using it, which is a great anti-ageing and slimming tip in itself.

Lots of peeps wear them when they are training, as they increase body temperature and encourage the body to sweat more, releasing toxins and burning fat at a faster rate.

Black sports/everyday waist trainer, €39.99, celebritywaisttrainers.com

Cult product

I swear I didn't spend the children's allowance on this Tom Ford Skin Illuminating Powder Duo in Moodlight, right, €68, Brown Thomas.

Don't judge me!

I use the golden colour on the apples of my cheeks, with the soft white shade above it for a quick perk-up on the go.

Bet you really want it now, don't you?

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