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Beauty: Five of the best... fake tans for the face

Picture courtesy of Clarins
Picture courtesy of Clarins
Mac Waterproof Brow Set
Baby Dolly Kiss & Blush
Ambre Solaire 1 week bronzer
Lancome self tanning face gel
St Tropez
Clarins liquid bronze
James Read Sleep Mask
Lorna Weightman

Andrea Byrne

I've always been a bit cagey about using fake tan on my face because invariably after a full-body spray tan I would break out in spots. But, as I've recently found, the key is in the preparation and, obviously, the right product.

Firstly, make sure your skin in cleansed and toned. A gentle toner is important as you want your pores closed shut before fake tan application. If you've no toner, running an ice cube over your face will have the same effect.

Now pat your face dry. You don't need to use much product. A coin-sized amount should be enough for your face and neck.

I'm not a fan of spray facial bronzers as I don't feel in control of where the product is being sprayed. I prefer gels and creams.

Once applied, get a facial wipe or an old damp face towel and wipe away any product from the hairline and eyebrows. If you're fair and don't want too much colour, Clarins' Liquid Bronze and St Tropez's Gradual Tan are perfect as they'll deliver a healthy glow that will sit nicely under your make-up.

Fake tan novices should try Ambre Solaire's 1-week Glow as it's tinted, making it easy to apply evenly.

If it's a strong but natural colour you're after, nothing beats Lancome's Flash Bronzer. Its gel-texture is pleasant to work with too.

Now with a cult-following, James Read Sleep Mask, which contains hyaluronic acid and red algae, will make your skin look plump and hydrated as well as tanned. Triple victory. Remember, very few facial tanners contain sunscreen so you will need to apply an SPF product over them.

Best Buy

Baby Dolly Kiss & Blush, €30, Yves Saint Laurent, available in selected department stores nationwide.

I am so in love with this cheek and lip product that I'm not sure what I would do if, God forbid, it became discontinued. Yes, it is that gorgeous and the velvety and matte texture and soft pigment means it's very easy to work with too, and not a bit drying.

Best Value

Waterproof Brow Set, €17.50, MAC, available in Brown Thomas and BT2 stores nationwide.

Finally, a product that will tame and fill in our brows while also withstanding water, sweat and humidity. A summer essential.



St Tropez, available in selected department stores and pharmacies nationwide. Easy-to-use product with multiple skin benefits.


Lancome, available in selected department stores nationwide. There's a reason this has been around for a long time: it's rather amazing.


Clarins, available in selected department stores nationwide. Ideal for the pasties among us who want a natural wash of colour


Ambre Solaire, available in grocery stores and pharmacies nationwide. Gives a lovely natural glow to the skin and wears off well


James Read, available in selected Marks & Spencer stores nationwide. Tans as well as nourishes the skin as you sleep.

In the know

Prior to fake tan application, use a facial exfoliator such as L'Occitane's Immortelle Instant Brightening Exfoliator, €29

My Hero! Lorna Weightman Fashion blogger

Lorna loves...

Stress Fix Body Crème, €47.50,

Aveda, available in Brown Thomas Dublin.

I wish I could take a long bath in this product every day (a la Cleopatra!). I just can't get enough of it. It smells divine, and has calming properties, so after a long day it's lovely to apply this after a bath to unwind.

Ultimate brow kit, €3.99,

Wet n Wild, available in Dunnes Stores and selected Penneys stores nationwide.

This is a recent discovery for me, and one that's very necessary considering I have very fair eyebrows. As well as two shades of colour, it comes with a small wax pot to set the colour in place. It's also travel-friendly.

Face Finity All-Day primer, €13.99,

Max Factor, available in grocery stores and pharmacies nationwide.

In my line of work, especially when I am filming, I need my make-up to last all day, so I rely on a primer to keep everything in place.

This one is a little gem, and glides on my skin. I give it a few minutes to soak in, then I apply my foundation; a great recipe for long lasting coverage.

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