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Friday 15 November 2019

Beauty: Five of the best... clarifying treatments

Backstage at the Alberta Ferretti fashion show, hair by Redken.
Backstage at the Alberta Ferretti fashion show, hair by Redken.
Herbal Cider Hair Clarifier, €21.95, John Masters, available from
Methamorph'Oil, €23.40, Kerastace, available in selected salons nationwide.
SUNDAY SHAMPOO, €21 Bumble & Bumble, available in selected salons nationwide.
Cleansing Cream, €16.25 Redken, available in salons nationwide.
KPak Clarifying Shampoo, €16.90, Joico, available in salons nationwide
Cleansing Cream, €16.25, Redken, available in salons nationwide.

Andrea Byrne

Clarifying shampoos have an unnecessarily bad reputation. People avoid them as they feel they dry out the hair. I have dry hair and I use them monthly, because much like our skin, our hair and scalp also need a regular detox. The key is knowing when is best to use them.

If you use a lot of styling products -particularly dry shampoo, then you're a candidate. Likewise, if you are a swimmer.

Also, if you live in an area where the water is hard, you need to use a clarifying shampoo to rid your hair of the mineral deposits that are found in the water and which then cling to the hair after washing.

I always wash my hair with a gentle but efficient clarifying shampoo such as Joico's K Pak and Bumble & Bumble's Sunday Shampoo a few days prior to getting my colour done as I feel the colour lifts better and is brighter when it's applied to hair that is squeaky clean.

Because they remove all the junk off the hair and from the scalp, clarifying shampoos provide a great canvas for conditioners and protein masks. So, if you find that your hair is just not behaving and isn't responding to the many products you're using, sometimes the use of a clarifying shampoo is all that's need to get it back on track.

If you battle with dry hair and you're loathe to use a clarifying product for fear of making things worse, try Kerastase's new Methamorph'oil. Unlike a lot of other clarifying products, it's not so heavy that it requires a double cleanse and it will leave your hair feeling really soft.

For coloured hair or for people who prefer natural products, I'd recommend John Master's Herbal Cider Hair Clarifier. Entirely organic, it's designed to deeply but gently cleanse whilst sealing in the colour. Your hair will be left looking considerably shinier. Redken's Cleansing Cream is also safe to use on coloured hair and really gives it added bounce.

Always use a conditioner post-clarifying. If your hair is naturally oily or very fine, just use a light one and apply it only to the ends. If your hair is thick and dry, you can afford to slather it on.

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